Okay, so I am completely exhausted today!  I have tried to go to sleep before Heather gets home at 2 a.m., but I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it.  I am always so worried about her working so late, I worry about her drive home and the fact that she is working so late in the night/morning.  So, whenever she works late, I end up staying up till 2 a.m. myself until I know she has come home safe.  I guess it’s just the fear in me that drives that need to see her come in the door.

Without a Nascar race to watch today, I was able to keep working on my “Lord of the Rings” miniatures and finished painting all of them today.  This is quite a task for me and I now can’t wait to start building my Helm’s Deep set which I have about half-way done by now.  I just need to build a table to put it all on and buy some materials to start putting the concepts together.  I am going to wait until next week and start taking pictures of all my miniatures and start taking pictures of all of them.  I need to “base” them all (meaning that I need to put sand/static grass on the bases to make them look like they’re standing on the ground).

Today’s Star Wars blog will be short as I talk about C3-PO’s role in The Revenge of the Sith….


C3-PO:  **** (4)

As I began to research the movie for this blog, I began to realize that C3-PO was almost non-existant in this movie.  His only real role in this movie seemed to be following Padme throughout the entire movie.  He says all of two or three lines and doesn’t do much else but check up on Padme.  It’s a shame that such an important character in the Star Wars universe gets ultimately written out of one of the most important movies in the Star Wars storyline.  Then again, I’ve pointed out before that C3-PO does little more than add in some comedy every once in a while, and there wasn’t much comedy to be had in this movie.  Because of C3-PO’s limited role in this movie, I gave C3-PO a…..


C3-PO:  **** (4)


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