Bail Organa

Okay, so it’s Friday and you would think that I would be all excited about the weekend, but I’m not!  I have just realized that there is a lot of work to be done around my house.  My in-laws are coming this weekend to do some major work on our house.  You see, my two daughters have had a huge “hole” between their two rooms over the past couple of months that we have been living here.  This is literally a wall missing in my house.  To make matters worse, we only discovered after we moved in that the wall that is missing is a “load bearing wall”, meaning that there is a wall in my house that has a lot of weight being put on it, and that wall doesn’t exist!!  Anyway, I have to help my father-in-law put a wall/closet in this spot and more important put a header up on that wall to handle the weight of the wall and ceiling and help to support the house.  So, tonight’s blog will be short and sweet as I have to help my girls get the rooms cleared out in order to create the mess tomorrow.

Anyway, onto why you’re all here, time to discuss Bail Organa’s role in The Revenge of the Sith….


Bail Organa:  ******* (7)

I was excited to see that Bail Organa was going to be in The Revenge of the Sith and I knew that I would have high expectations for this character too.  I had read about this character and heard him discussed a lot in previous Star Wars movies and books.  I was concerned that Jimmy Smits may not fulfill my expectation of this character, but I was surprisingly shocked that Jimmy Smits did a great job portraying this character.  I was depressed that we didn’t see the meetings between Organa and Mon Mothma and the beginning of the Rebellion.  But, his role was definetly depened in the movie by being as heavily involved in the plot line as he was.  We see Bail Organa as being heavily involved in the Republic and the Senate.  We also find out that Bail Organa was involved in trying to save both the Jedi Knights and Yoda.  I think that his role is important in the movie because of his ability to help those that needed help, when they needed it.  Organa’s role was further solidified in my mind by taking Leia at the end of the movie.  I had my picture of what Alderaan was going to look like, and it ended up being as beautiful as I expected.  I loved the role that Jimmy Smits portrayed and I think Jimmy Smits did a wonderful acting job with the role.  Because of my love for this character and Jimmy Smits’ amazing acting role, I give Bail Organa a:…..


Bail Organa:  ******* (7)


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