Padme Amidala

Well, I have to apologize to all of you Podomatic fans out there, but yet again, Podomatic has shut me down for usage of bandwidth.  I understand there are a lot of people getting free service from them, but how do they intend to service everyone if they’re going to keep shutting us down?  Anyway, you can go to our mirror site at OurMedia at  I’m really disappointed with Podomatic and am trying to have patience with a new company, but my patience is running real thin.  I may just make my OurMedia site the permanent site for “The Jedi Council Speaks” if this matter is not resolved within four months from now.  I can’t afford to keep getting shut down!

Anyway, today was our anniversary.  That’s right folks, my wife and I got married on the “Ides of March”, as Shakespeare would say, “beware the ides of March”!  Hey, that’s how I remember our Anniversary every year.  Well, this year we were so poor we almost couldn’t afford to even have an anniversary.  Heather and I had a small, one hour romantic interlude tonight.  We took Ruth to Girl Scouts and Austin and Tara to Youth Group and then went to our new Applebees around the corner and enjoyed dessert and an adult beverage together.  Wow, we haven’t done that since we moved into the house!  It was a nice change of pace, but definetly reminded us of how poor we really are.  Such is life!  I was happy to celebrate in some way, and our anniversary seemed more important to the kids than us for some reason.

I can be such a “nutty professor” sometimes!  Today we had a guy come in and do a presentation for our music classes and I got so excited about his presentations, I completely forgot about what I needed to do at lunch.  The lunch bunch was having our monthly book club/luncheon and I completely forgot about it!  Then, to make matters worse, they had an anniversary card all set for Heather and I, all signed and everything.  Ooops!!!  Sorry lunch bunch L.  I didn’t mean to do it, it just kind of happened.  However, they did get the card to us and our friends Jessica and Bill also gave us a card as well.  It’s great to have such great friends in my staff at school.  They make teaching at my school SO worth while!  Thanks guys!!

Anyway, onto why we’re all really here {wink}, time to talk about Senator Padme Amidala’s role in The Revenge of the Sith……


Padme Amidala:  ********** (10)

Okay, I have to say that Natalie Portman had an incredible role to play in Revenge of the Sith.  There was a lot of stress put on her to perform three tasks at once.  All of them had to be convincing and all of them had to be sold to a point that we would believe it and that the actors/actresses working with her would have something to work with and on.  I have to say that Natalie Portman sold all three of these tasks both to those who worked with her and the audience that she works for.  I have to say that is why I believe that Natalie Portman is one of the best young, up and coming actresses in Hollywood and it’s a shame that she will never get any credit for her work.  It’s because of her work on Star Wars that she will never receive acclaim.  So, what three tasks did she perform?


First, Padme Amidala had to convince both the audience and actors that she was truly in love with Anakin Skywalker.  Did she sell this point?  Most definetly.  Andrew Bettis had a segment on “In The Beginning” where he talked about the moment when Anakin and Padme are staring at each other acrossed Coruscant and the anguish that Anakin must be going through trying to decide what he should do.  I often think about what Padme had to be going through.  She knew that things were bad for Anakin and she was in a constant state of questioning.  Was she really going to die in child birth?  Was Anakin really THAT powerful that he could cheat her death?  Is it possible that Anakin is wrong all together?  All of these questions were plaguing her mind while Anakin dealt with his real issues as well.  There was another moment when I got sold about Padme’s love.  At one point in the movie, they are in their quarters together on Coruscant and Padme is brushing her hair.  Anakin makes a comment about how beautiful she really is and there is some discussion about how she is “glowing” because she is pregnant.  This also showed me the true love that she had.


Second, we had to believe that Padme wanted the best from the Republic.  She sold us on this in many occasions as well.  She talks with Anakin about the doubts she has about the ability of the Republic to dispense Democracy.  She questions whether Democracy should be forced upon someone else and wonders if they have become that which they are fighting against.  We as Americans are grappling with that very issue today, so as Americans, I believe we truly understand this point of view and this ability to question our government and still mean well for our people.  Padme was also there in the end when the discussion of the new Empire being formed and Padme is very upset with how the Republic is going to fall and she is quoted saying to Bail Organa, “so, this is how Democracy falls”.  One of the best quotes of the movie, and the one quote that embodies the struggle with Democracy in the Republic.  I was disappointed that Lucas did take out some of the scenes in the movie that solidify her statement about this struggle when the discussions with Bail Organa and Mon Mothma are lost.


Finally, we had to be convinced that Padme Amidala was a “glowing”, pregnant woman.  We had to believe that she was looking to the future and wanted to be a loving parent.  She did this with some discussions both about the future of the Republic and by talking with Anakin about where and how she wants to raise the baby.  She talks about wanting to raise the baby on Naboo and staying in her palace there and build a room for the baby there as well.  All of this convinces me as a father that she truly wanted the best for her family.  She also talks about the future of the Republic and about how Democracy was important for future generations.


Taking all of this into account, we begin to realize that Padme truly plays all three of these roles very well.  We become convinced of her role in this movie and have a true emotional connection with the character.  Congratulations to George Lucas for writing such a strong female character and to Natalie Portman for portraying this character with such power and vision.  Because of all of this, I give Padme a:…..


Padme Amidala:  ********** (10)


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