A Quick Update

Okay, so I thought for all my friends out there I would do a quick update.  No there will be no Star Wars talk tonight, I will start again with that on March 2nd.  Well, I’ll be honest here, I have been in a bit of a slight depression over the past four or five days.  It all started with what happened to Heather and I on Friday morning.  On Friday morning, Heather got pulled over by a police officer who told her that she failed to stop at a stop light before turning right.  After some research, we came to find out that was the initial accussed offense.  Anyway, while stopping Heather, the police officer ran our plates and told my wife that we were not registered correctly.  He informed her that he had to take the plates off of the car and have the car towed.  That’s right, you heard me correctly, NO PLATES!!  Heather tried to talk calmly to the police officer and inform him that there was obviously a mistake.  He told her that there was a note on our file that we had done this once before.  He then said to her “once a criminal, always a criminal.  Guess some things never change!”  Now, to back this story up a little, I will admit that our insurance did lapse for three days sometime about three years ago as we tried to change insurance companies.  However, we got a letter from the DMV and Heather and I went down there that same day and payed the fine.  So, back to the present.  The officer literally ripped the plates off of the car and had it towed, at our expense.  Heather was able to call a friend and have herself and Austin (who was in the car with her) picked up and brought to our house.  Heather immediately got driven to the DMV (this is within an hour of the ticket issuance and plate confiscation) and the DMV says there is nothing they can do.  They told her that the law states that the police officer has to take the plates for at least fourty-eight hours.  We showed them that we had insurance the entire time and they just didn’t care.  Their reaction was that we would need to take it up with the cop.  So, we called the Broome County Sheriff’s Office (as this is who pulled Heather over).  We talked to an over Sheriff and he said the whole story sounded fishy and asked Heather what she was ticketed initially for.  When she informed him, he just sayed “huh”.  Well, he had his Sheriff call our house to talk the matter over with us.  The Sheriff informed us that he was simply following his duty and that yes, we had to surrender our car for two days.  Well, Heather had to call into work on Friday night, Saturday night, and today (in order to take care of the plates).  She lost a total of 20 hours of work, which will result in a total net loss of $160 in wages over the past four days!!!  THAT is why I was so depressed!  We were literally stuck inside our house with no way to get around.

The positives:  We did get our house cleaned, I had a workmate that was amazingly kind to me and gave me a ride to work, Heather got to know one of the members of our church better because he had to take her to the DMV today as a favor, and I found out that Heather and I can live in a house together 24/7 for over two days.

By the way, Heather and I discovered today that New York State just recently (this past voting year) adopted a new policy about registrations that have lapsed.  This is for all you New York State residents out there.  They just past a law recently that states that if you have had a violation of your registration because of a slip in insurance (whether an accident or not) within  the past 36 months, then you MUST surrender your liscence plates for two days.  That’s right, surrender your plates for a small mistake (such as a slip in insurance for a day or two).  Also, we did find out that the DMV made the mistake.  They entered it into their computer wrong.  We got no apology from them, nor did we get an apology from the Sheriff.  That will all be brought up in traffic court later this month with a judge.

So, all of those problems occurred because the NYS DMV made a mistake.  Imagine that!!!


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