Mace Windu

Well, today was exciting, yet uneventful in a way.  I was able to do my interview with Andrew Bettis today and it went fairly well.  I still need to work out the kinks with my recording device, but I was able to record the interview, I will have some mega editing to do because my voice is WAY too loud and I will need to boost Andrew’s voice a little.  But, overall, it was a great interview and I was pleased with the results.  Eventually I will work on using some higher tech equipment when I can afford it and edit on the fly.  I’m learning this all as I go and this is just one tool that I’m learning to use.

Well, we had heat all day today, which is a plus compared to what we’ve had in the past.  I watched the “Ewok Adventure” one more time today as I plan on recording the final installment of my Special Edition tommorrow so that it is ready for March 1st.  I think you’ll all like it and it may be my most controversial topic and episode yet.  But, I feel that someone needs to take a stand about the Hollywood movie industry today and where it is and isn’t heading.

Okay, so onto why you’re all here tonight.  Time to talk about Mace Windu’s role in The Revenge of the Sith…..

Mace Windu:  ********** (10)

There is no doubt that Mace Windu is a powerful character in The Revenge of the Sith.  His role in this movie was another role that blew me away!  Maybe that’s why I think this movie is so powerful.  Not only is it emotional, but there are several strong performances by some amazing actors and actresses.  I was greatly appreciative that Samuel L. Jackson played this role and would someday love to meet him and personally thank him for playing the role of Mace Windu so well.  Not only in this movie, but every other movie that Mace Windu shows up in.

However, his best acting came in this movie.  Mace is a powerful character from beginning to “his end” of the movie.  We keep seeing him and Master Yoda discussing how to find and destroy Grevious and we also hear about several references to Anakin and “The Prophecy”.  However, the one role we will remember Mace for in this movie is his attempt to arrest Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious.  The power behind Mace’s words and even the power behind his physical stances reminds me more of the power that we have come to know and learn of Mace Windu.  I keep thinking back to the fact that Mace Windu fights almost the entire fight with only one hand holding his lightsaber.  Man, that takes me back to the days when Darth Vader fought Luke in The Empire Strikes Back with one hand flying behind him.  As a matter of fact, come to think of it, his whole fighting style reminds me of Darth’s fighting style.  Maybe that’s what the point was.  Anyway, I just love how Mace fought right up until he hesitated to kill Palpatine.  NO Jedi would have looked down on him for following through and killing Darth Sidious.  But, he second guessed himself and look what he got in return.  A flying hand and lightning bolts through the soul.

Now, there are supposedly rumors that Mace may still be alive and may have lived and is lurking in the shadows and may show up later with a massive battle with Darth Vader in a book somewhere.  Folks, if they did that, it would be tandem to brining Boba Fett back to life which I don’t think should have happened anyway.  So, putting all of this to the side and looking strictly at the movie, I like the role of Mace Windu and I like the power he exhibited and his character’s role in the storyline.  Mace was powerful and likable and just a great Jedi Master to have right next to Yoda throughout the Clone Wars.  So, that’s why I gave Mace Windu a:

Mace Windu:  ********** (10)


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