Anakin Skywalker

Well, today was a Sunday like any other.  We woke up and went to church.  Unfortunately when we got there, I realized that pastor was not going to be there because he was in Mississippi with a mission group from our church to help pick up after the hurricane (which they will be doing for the next three or four years, by the way).  Anyway, it threw me off and it’s always hard for me to sit through a sermon from anyone other than pastor, but I managed to make it through.  Heather and I came home and decided to take a nap.  We slept for two hours!  I can’t remember the last time I was this tired!  Maybe it was when I went through the time change between New York and Montana, but I’m all screwed up as far as sleep is concerned.

Anyway, I woke up in time to watch the Daytona 500 with Austin.  I was really upset with the Nextel Cup winner of last year, Tony Stewart.  He went out of his way in a race to “get back at” another driver who had accidentally spun him out previously in a race and then at the end of the race basically said he got what he was asking for.  THAT’S poor sportsmanship.  Too bad we can’t make Tony Stewart take anger management classes to deal with his “issues”.  I was glad to see Robby Gordon actually finnish a race and better yet, end the race in twelfth place.  Not bad for a pretty new owner/driver.

Some good news for TJCS listeners.  “The Jedi Council Speaks” is officially back on air on Podomatic.  They got enough complaints and bad press from me and our listeners, that they decided to waive the bandwidth allotment for this month and keep me on the air.  How nice of them!  I was glad to see they were willing to work with me.  As I said to them, I only put out shows every two months (of course it is going to be more often with Special Editions), which means I have heavy bandwidth usage every other month.  Besides, I believe they had sympathy because I have such a strong following.  So thank you all for sticking with us, I don’t plan on going anywhere!

Anyway, onto why you are all here.  Time to talk about Anakin Skywalker’s role in Revenge of the Sith…..

Anakin Skywalker:  ********** (10)

Anakin’s role in Revenge of the Sith took him far beyond the roles he played in any of the previous two movies.  At the beginning of this movie, we get a chance to see Anakin in all his glory using his Jedi powers at their highest level.  I was totally blown away at the abilities that Anakin shows at the beginning of this movie.  I was really beginning to believe that he may be the best Jedi Knight of all time.  Then Anakin starts having the dreams about the birth of Luke and Leia and Padme’s death.  I knew that this is what would lead him to the dark side, but somehow I still felt sorry for the character.  He really was trapped by the love for his wife and children and his need to do what was right for the Jedi’s.

Then comes what I call “the turning”.  Anakin first finds out that Palpatine is the Sith they have been looking for.  Now if Anakin were really that upset, he would have killed Palpatine himself.  However, he doesn’t, which tells me that Anakin knows that he will need Palpatine in order to save Padme’s life, if he so desires.  The story that Palpatine tells Anakin in the Ampitheater is particularly interesting to me.  The question that my friends and I constantly ask is whether Palpatine is making a reference to himself or not when referring to the Padawan that killed his Sith Master.  No one seems to know that answer to that question.  Anyway, the most emotional part of this movie for Anakin didn’t require any dialogue at all.  It was when Anakin and Padme were looking out at each other acrossed Coruscant, just before Anakin decides to go to the Jedi Temple and try to save Palpatine.

After this point I see a poor man that spirals out of control into everything evil.  It is somewhat incredible how quickly Anakin falls into the Dark Side, but I can attest that love makes you do dumb things.  Sometimes quicker than they should be done.  Anakin’s ignorance is only exacerbated by his ego.  He thinks he is invincible, and that ego is what helped to create Darth Vader.

Hayden Christensen did and incredible job acting this part out and I really enjoyed Anakin in this movie.  I felt compelled to feel sorry for him, which has lead to me feeling sorry for Darth Vader now in the other movies.  I’m sure Hayden knew how important this role was and he did his homework and played the role well.  In particular the fall of Anakin from bad-ass good-guy Jedi Knight to pissed off, bad-ass Sith Lord.  All of this was compelling an emotional for me as a movie goer and Star Wars fan.  That’s why I gave Anakin a:

Anakin Skywalker:  ********** (10)


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