Jabba the Hutt

Well, yesterday was a day of rest for the blog and for the Crissman household.  I decided that I needed a much deserved day of rest.  Heather and I got up and went to church.  We were so exhausted that we actually came home and took a nap, which we haven’t done since the kids were younger and we couldn’t get a full night’s sleep.  We are on the “pinch” now as we try to get ready for this week.  This Thursday my alumni college Wind Ensemble is coming to our church to play a concert at night.   We’re hoping we get a great audience and we are praying we find enough people to house students so we don’t have to be nervous about that anymore, either.  We’re nervous and excited all at once.  I’m also personally excited as the group I help teach, called SMASH (which is a take on STOMP) is going to be performing at a local Elementary School.  This is cool because I love performing for young kids because they’re so energetic.

Today was another “ho-hum” Monday.  I felt as though I was playing catch-up from last week, but I always seem to feel that way on a Monday.  I really am hoping that I can make it through this week without snapping before next week.

An update on “The Jedi Council Speaks” and Podomatic for everyone.  Podomatic reset their website stats over the weekend so it seems I’m safe for now.  I’ve been checking my stats and I’m not sure how long that will hold up for.  I’m just nervous that my podcast site will get shut down.  However, I do have a back-up plan if that does happen.  I will keep all informed as I keep track of this.  Time to talk about Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi…..

Jabba the Hutt:  ******** (8)

Jabba’s role in Return of the Jedi was incredible to me.  He was not what I expected from this character and he surprised me at what was created in order for this character to exist.  Jabba really was a unique character in the fact that Lucas had to create a new way to look at creatures and have them move and talk.  Although I didn’t expect Jabba to be a big “blob” type figure I still respected him as being the big gansta boss that I knew that Jabba was.  He really was a vile and vulgar character and as a child I was repulsed by Jabba’s drewl and total “fatness” (I’m not sure that is a word).  I was also grossed out at seeing him eat whole frogs.  As an adult, I just think Jabba is cool.  He’s cool looking and now that I know what it took to make that character come to life, it was well worth it.

I really appreciate all of the work that Lucas and his crew into creating Jabba and bringing Jabba to life.  He really looked realistic and as far as computer graphics have come, I don’t think that computers can create things as realisitic as the real thing.   In this case, Jabba was very realistic and was an incredible example of this.  I would like to thank everyone who brought Jabba to life.  The guys that worked his mouth and eyes all the way down to the guy that worked Jabba’s tail.  Besides, Jabba had the EXCELLENT idea of putting Princess Leia in that bikini costume and having all those females dancing around in his palace.  And his band was incredible.  I think that was cutting edge type music and we’re not going to realize this until later in the future.  Jabba simply was a believable, incredible gangster character and it’s a shame that he had to be choked to death by Princess Leia, but fi I were to die, I think that would be the last vision I would want to see (besides my wife of course *wink, wink*).  So, with all of that in mind, that’s why I gave Jabba a:

Jabba the Hutt:  ******** (8)


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