Busy Days/Boba Fett

Well, today seemed to be a little less buisy, but buisy enough in itself.  The kids and I watched the Olympic opening ceremony last night.  What a ceremony!  I thought it was wonderful to have such a variety of performers on one stage and I think it really highlighted the Italian culture to a point that everyone felt a part of the ceremonies.  I believe the two best points in the evening were seeing the Formula One race car rip around the stage creating smoke with it’s burning tires (which my son thought was awesome!), and Pavarotti’s ending with the aria.  It was breathtaking and amazing and as  a music teacher I really appreciated the beauty of the song.  I have to say that I was amazed that Pavarotti is really starting to show his age.  Who knows how long Pavarotti will actually be around for.  It will be a shame when he dies and I know I will shed a tear for the day that it happens.



Today was packed like the rest of my week was packed and I’ve decided that my days are going to be like that up and until I have my Winter break two weeks from now.  Today I had a SMASH performance at the school at 3:00 and I admittedly slept in until 11 a.m. with my wife simply because I had to catch up on the sleep I lost this week during the regular portion of the week.  Then we got up and rushed around a little to get ourselves out the door on time.  Jim wanted us at the High School at 2:15 to practice and when we got there we found out that our performance area was cut in half and we didn’t have a chance to warm up the way we wanted to.  However, despite all of this, we still did a pretty good job with the performance.  I think the highlight of the show, as of right now is the routine we do with Pringle Cans.  If I ever get a video of it, I will put it on my OurMedia page for all of you to check out.  Anyway, we had to race home and get changed for the “Daddy/Daughter” Dance at our school that my two girls wanted to go to.  We had a blast, but I was very disappointed at the other fathers at the dance.  I was one of about three fathers that actually got out on the dance floor and danced with their daughter.  The rest of the fathers simply sat on the side and talked and let their daughters do all of the dancing.  I have to say the entire dance was better than the other two dances that Ruth and I went to at Chenango Forks combined.  The D.J.’s were cool and gave away all sorts of cool stuff to the girls that went there like glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces and cool hats.  Overall, we had a lot of fun.



So, onto the real reason you’re all here, I want to talk briefly about the role of Boba Fett in Return of the Jedi…..

Bob Fett:  ******* (7)

Boba Fett had a relatively small but important role in the beginning of Return of the Jedi.  Fett was around Jabba’s palace and around the Sail Barge when it was decided that Han Solo and his friends had to die.  Although people downplay the existence of Boba Fett in this movie, I like to think that his role is vastly important.  Jabba needs Boba around in order to try and maintain order both in and outside his palace.



I think the sadest part of the Boba Fett story is the way Boba goes down.  But, before we get to that point, I have to say that it was really cool to see Boba flying through the air using his jet-pack.  Of course, then Boba dies in the most horrific way for any Boba Fett fan.  He goes to attack Luke when his jet-pack is hit by Han using a Vibroblade by mistake and is sent flying into the pit of Carkoon and dies in the Sarlaac Pit.

However, as an aside, I recently learned from my friend Nathaniel Harnett that Boba Fett, at least according to the books and videogames, survives the Sarlaac Pit.  So, although Boba Fett fans were upset at the loss of their beloved character, they can breath easy that Boba was spared by Lucas’ cohorts in books and the expanded universe.



Although his role was limited in this movie and seemed to play a small role in Return of the Jedi, I was very excited by his apperance in this movie and felt that he deserved some respect.  That’s why I gave Boba Fett a:



Bob Fett:  ******* (7)


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