Darth Vader

Okay, so today was “Judgement Day” as it were.  I was really upset about the car last night and Heather and I needed to come up with a game plan today to try and figure out exactly what we are going to do with the car.  Our favorite car (nicknamed “The Lady Luck”) is really on it’s way out and we need to decide if we want to “kill” it now or later.  Well, we also called my parents last night and discussed another option.  That option would be to take on their Ford Taurus.  Although the Taurus has a better reputation than the Escort we discussed the situation with my parents last night about the Taurus and came to find out that the Taurus may ultimately be in worse shape than our Escort.  We also got a call from the mechanics shop today and he wants our car off his lot so he can put other cars there.  We asked him to give us till tommorrow to take care of it and he graciously did.

Well, this weekend looks incredibly buisy for me and I’m not sure that the “blogging” will be keeping up this weekend and through next week.  Although, I have come to find out that I can edit the blogs and “post blog”, meaning that I can post blogs on days later and then go back and edit the date.  So, I think you all may be seeing that from me more often.  Today seemed to be back to a normal pace other than having to decide what we are going to do with our car.  It’s just depressing to be making so little as a teacher and to have to be struggling so much.  I work so hard as a teacher and just feel as though I’m never “ahead” for all of my work.  Besides, as I said to Heather, in other workplaces I may be able to pick up extra hours, or do other things to try to make more money, like work overtime.  However, when you are a teacher, you simply don’t have those options,  Sometimes it makes it harder.  I know people rip on teachers and say they have it “easy”, but I say to those people that if you think teachers have it easy, then come and walk a day in my shoes and I think you will find out that it is not as easy as it looks on paper.

Okay, so onto the “bad guys” and time to talk about Darth Vader and his role in The Return of the Jedi…..

Darth Vader:  ****** (6)

Well, Darth Vader was my favorite bad guy of all movies up until I saw this movie. I have to say that I have a real hard time not comparing the Darth Vader of The Empire Strikes Back with the Darth Vader of Return of the Jedi.  They seem to be two completely different characters both in the way they are developed and the power that they exume throughout the movies.

Remember Vader from the end of The Empire Strikes Back?  You know, the one that was able to throw things in the air at a moment’s notice and use The Force in ways that we never thought possible.  He was also so intimidating that he wouldn’t think twice about choking his own admirals at a moments notice.  Then we get to Return of the Jedi, and Vader turns into this wimpy character that bows down to the Emporer and lets him do all the dirty work.  For example, the one Admiral at the beginning of the movie informs Vader that production on the Second Death Star is behind schedule.  So Vader’s reaction was saying, “The Emporer will be most displeased with you.”.  I remember thinking, “What?  You idiot, choke him!!  You have your opportunity, use your powers!” but he didn’t.  He simply gave him a verbal abuse.  A verbal warning.  Then Vader let’s Luke’s shuttle land on Endor because the Emporer told him to and then instead of just killing Luke at the end of the movie, he plays around with him not really using any of his powers.  Don’t you think he would want to show off in front of his Sith Master?  You would think so, but not Vader, he doesn’t need to.  Then Vader saves Luke and comes out looking like the good guy.

What happened to my bad-ass Vader bad-guy between these movies?  It was most dissapointing seeing this happen to Vader both as a child and as an adult.  I just hated Vader’s character in this movie in particular and Lucas blew up all the work he had done in creating this awe-inspiring bad-guy for this movie and I was dissapointed that he did it.  With this in mind I gave Vader a:

Darth Vader:  ****** (6)

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