Well, today wasn’t exactly the best day that my family has ever had.  We had bad news today.  Apparently the transmission on our car is what is exactly wrong with our car.  We kind of figured that was the issue.  Well, our mechanic doesn’t do transmissions and he thinks that all mechanics that do work with transmissions are crooks.  So, the challenge was on.  We have discussed every thought or possibility in our heads.  We could spend up to $2000 and replace the transmission with our car that has over 150,000 mile on it.  Or, we could take all $4000 and start to look for a used car.  Or, we could try to trade in our current car and look into car payments, which we don’t really think we can afford at this moment.  Man, this has made things really tight around here.  On top of all of this, we have until Friday to actually figure out our solution to the problem.

On the other end of things, Heather is getting evaluated at work tonight and hopes to get a raise up to $9.50 an hour as a manager at Wendy’s.  That will help to make things not “so tight” around here, but it really won’t help too much (although she’s excited about the pay raise).  All well, I’m a little negative tonight, so I apologize if it sounds like I am, but hey, I am!!  Things just don’t seem to be going well for us.  I’m really looking forward to our winter break which is coming up in two weeks simply because I need a break from my students at school and I think they need a break from me.  I think it’s because we’re couped up with each other in the school all day long.

My friend, Scott Miller sent me an email to a really funny link that I thought I would share with all of you Star Wars fans.  It’s some pics of a hamster in “Star Wars Fashion”.  Check it out at:  http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/02/the_force_is_st.html 

It’s really cute, and really funny.  Anyway, I continued with the taping of the facts today for my next episode for “The Jedi Council Speaks”.  I really hope everyone appreciates all the work that is going into the Special Edition.  You’ll understand why I feel this way when you see the episode.  Anyway, onto my comments in Wicket and his role in Return of the Jedi…..

Wicket:  **** (4)

Okay, so Wicket was supposed to be the cute cuddly teddy bear-type good guy in Return of the Jedi.  Well, as a child I believed that he really filled in that role really well and I fell in love with this cute lovable character.  Then as an adult, well, I have changed my mind about how I feel about this cute cuddly character.

First off, why don’t we ever see exactly what Wicket is saying?  I mean, come on George, we have subtitles for a reason!  I am really shocked that we don’t get a chance to see what Wicket is saying through subtitles.

Second, what was the point behind Wicket?  We know that he was supposed to help set up the relationship between the Ewoks and the Rebels, but what other useful point did he make?  To me, none!  None to deserve the emphasis on the role of such a minor character.

But, I want to take a minute and talk about what happened after this movie.  Not only did we waste our time with this character in the movie, but we went on to waste time on a T.V. Special called “The Ewok Adventure” and an Ewok T.V. show based on the Wicket character!  I believe Lucas was really looking for the kiddies on this one and may have turned off many adult fans of the Star Wars films. 

There was one positive behind the Wicket character and that is the actor that played the role of Wicket.  Although he had little influence over the acting of the character, Warwick Davis did do a good job putting together movements and concepts that helped to carry the Wicket Character.  Besides, if Wicket never was, then Warwick may never have had the opportunity to be involved in the production of the movie Willow, which he played the lead character in.  So, putting this all together, I gave Wicket a:

Wicket:  **** (4)


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