Personal Update

Well, the mass chaos for the weekend has already begun.  My parents arrived this morning around 10 a.m. and Heather and I had to get out of bed earlier than we thought we would have to.  Evidently my mom told us that she would be leaving early (neither one of us remember that conversation, but then again, we seem to be forgetting a lot lately!).  Anyway, I had a mission that I had to accept.  We were celebrating Tara’s birthday today and Heather and I just hadn’t gotten a gift for her yet.  So, it was my responsibility to buy the gift.  So, dad and I set out on our quest together.  Well, we got some ideas together at Wal Mart and I called Heather and she didn’t like how much money we were spending.  We continued to look and nothing seemed to be working for us.  So, we bought the food we got (for the superbowl party tommorrow), and headed over to Toys R’ Us.  Well, we ran into a road block there as well.  We were mainly looking for two things.  Something with “Hello Kitty” on and/or a Magna Doodle.  Well, the Magna Doodles were exactly like the ones my kids already had, and anything with “Hello Kitty” on it were pieces of junk or things she just wouldn’t like.  Well, we finally found something that was right up Tara’s alley.  They had a “Hello Kitty” Karaoke machine that had two mics and a CD player.  Needless to say, with my “American Idol” loving daughter, it was a great big hit.  She got many other gifts including a “Dora The Explorer” game that plugs into the TV and a play refrigerator that were all big hits.

I consider myself to be very lucky to even be alive tonight.  I went downstairs to get ready for the big game tommorrow and decided to change the light bulb on of our track lights in our home theater room.  Well, I changed the bulb and realized the light wasn’t facing the direction that it normally faces, so I went to turn the light when I saw a flash, heard a big “pop” sound and started to smell electrical smoke.  Well, what happened was the light shorted  out.  Evidently when I turned the light, the wire on the inside got caught and was snapped in half which caused it to short.  I could’ve been shocked with hundreds of volts, but was not for whatever reason.  So, dad and I are going to try and fix it after church quick tommorrow.  I also have my in-laws coming tommorrow and leaving before all my friends show up for the Superbowl party.  I’m not sure I’ll get a chance to blog tommorrow night, so – GO STEELERS!!!  I’ll talk to all of you on Monday night for sure.


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