Well, not much happened here today.  A lot of sleeping (Heather had to catch up because she worked till 2 this morning and has to do it again next Friday and Saturday).  I also realized today that my blog is screwed up somehow.  That’s right, this blog is messed up.  If you try to search by a category, you get a message from saying that there are no categories, and we all know that is not the case.  Anyway, Austin went to a birthday party at Northgate Speedway today and we came to find out that Austin doesn’t drive go-carts too well.  He was all over the track and running into other cars and the side rails.  I hope it’s a LONG while before I see him drive a car.  Hey, he reminded me of my brother and I when we would play “Indianapolis 500” on the Atari and made up a new game of trying to hit anything and everything in sight.

Well, onto the real reason you’re all here.  Time to talk about Chewbacca’s role in The Return of the Jedi…..

Chewbacca:  *** (3)

Chewbacca’s role in this movie was minor and unimportant at best.  I really didn’t like the lack of support  that Chewie’s character supplied to Return of the Jedi. 

We start off the movie with Chewie being sold to Jabba by a Bounty Hunter that turns out to be Princess Leia in a costume.  Chewie gets put in jail and he ends up redevousing with Han in the Jail at Jabba’s Palace.  He’s then involved in the skiff battle and helps to free Han.  Chewie then meets up with the Rebel Fleet and decides to join Han on his mission on the Planet of Endor.  After they land Chewie helps to fight off some speed biker stormtroopers and then gets attracted to come carcases that lead to the discovery of the Ewoks.  Chewie sees them as a smaller version of himself and seems to have a kindred connection with them.  When the Ewoks decide to help in the attack, Chewie helps them steal an AT-AT and then get to the shield generator, where, with Han’s help they are able to disable the shield.

Chewie just didn’t have as significant a role in this movie and I was very dissapointed by this.  I just feel that Lucas somehow got bored with Chewie’s character and didn’t know where to go with him.  So, Chewie seemed to be there to simply “fill in space” by this movie.  I think that Timothy Zahn found a way to revitalize Chewie’s role in the Star Wars universe in a much more profound way than Lucas ever did after The Empire Strikes Back.  That is why I gave Chewie a:

Chewbacca:  *** (3)


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