Quick Update

Well, I honestly just don’t have the energy to talk about Star Wars tonight, so I will  continue my Star Wars talk on Friday night and will do my next topic, which will be Lando Calrissian.  Today was an absolutely long day.  I’m just totally exhausted right now and I am amazed that I have been able to keep my eyes open over the past four to five hours.  First, I was giving the final exams for my class all day today which always seems to be exhausting in itself.  Then I find out from my wife that my oldest daughter was taken out of school for lice AGAIN!  Now I know it’s not coming from this house because my other two children don’t have it, but Ruth does.  The nurse at our school completely disagrees with me and refuses to send letters home and check the other students.  This concerns me that other students in Ruth’s class don’t know that their son or daughter may have it.  It’s rather distressing.  Anway, Heather got another phone call from the school around 2:30 today and we come to find out that Tara had a fever and she was being sent home.  So, Heather has declared tommorrow “sick day” at the Crissman household.  I would stay home tommorrow, but I have to finnish giving final exams, so Heather is going to stay home while I go to school.  All three kids are going to stay home as our school has a “24 hour” policy on both lice and fevers.  So, I had quite a day trying to figure out how to deal with this, sitting down for auditions for our musical after school and just getting home and getting things ready around here for bed.  I’m exhausted!  So, I’m also going to take tommorrow night off from blogging, and I will catch up with all of you on Friday.  Just a quick reminder that it is only seven days till the release of “The Jedi Council Speaks Volume I, Episode 3”.  See you all on Friday….


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