Well, there was good news on the personal front today.  My kids seem to be lice and relatively nit free.  The school let them back into school today and the day today was relatively normal.  Not too much to talk about on the personal front.

I have an announcement to make about “The Jedi Council Speaks” Volume I, Episode 3:  Due to the already ominous length of the episode, this episode of “The Jedi Council Speaks” will NOT contain the review of the Star Wars Ewok Adventure and host Robert Crissman’s segment on “The State of the Movie Industry Today”.  However, this shortening of the concept for this episode has lead us at the staff here to announce that there will be a “Special Edition” of TJCS coming on March 1st to release these two segments at a later date.

So, onto more Star Wars talk as I discuss C3-PO’s role in Return of the Jedi…..

C3-PO:  *** (3)

I really found C3-PO’s role in Return of the Jedi absolutely annoying!  He complains, sputters out useless information and seems to just waste camera time to no end.  There does seem to be some postives to this movie, however.  I got to see C3-PO get shoved aside into a vat of goo by Jabba the Hutt.

We see C3-PO at the beginning of this movie trying to deliver Master Luke’s message about releasing Han Solo to Jabba and offering the two droids to Jabba as an offer of appreciation.  C3-PO then becomes a slave to Jabba and rides out to the Sarlaac Pit and Luke finally releases both droids.  Then C3-PO decides to join the Strike Team that landed on the planet Endor.  During their reconnaissance there, C3-PO is looked upon as a “God” by the small furballs called Ewoks.  C3-PO regails the Ewoks of all sorts of stories from the Rebellion and the Empire and convinces the Ewoks to help them to attack the Empire and deactivate the shield protecting the Death Star.  C3-PO is then involved in the battle (in a very minor way) and the Rebellion becomes successful, no thanks to C3-PO.

This character seemed to add no value to this movie, and I really don’t have much else to add.  I just was dissapointed by C3-PO yet again in this movie.  Again, I don’t blame Anthony Daniels for any bad acting, I just blame others for poor writing for this character.  Too bad C3-PO becomes the laughing stock of the Star Wars community.  But hey, he’s played by a woman in Spaceballs, so maybe it’s fitting.  All of this is why I gave C3-PO a:

C3-PO:  *** (3)


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