Boba Fett

Well, today was a very interesting day for me.  My oldest daughter woke up this morning, looked at Heather and I and said, “I’m not feeling well” and then proceeded to the closest bathroom to throw up.  So, I had to rush to school early, drop off some last minute lesson plans and my keys so that I could stay home with Ruth.  I had every intention of getting a whole bunch of work done while I was at home, but was unable to do so because I was spending so much time taking care of my oldest daughter and cleaning up the house after her.

Because I am so tired, my blog will be pretty short and to the point tonight, so it’s time to talk about Boba Fett’s role in The Empire Strikes Back….

Boba Fett:  ********** (10)

Boba Fett (I believe) was my brother’s favorite character from The Empire Strikes Back.  Mike, correct me if I’m wrong.  I do believe that Bubba was the coolest character in this movie.  What made him so cool is the intrigue that followed him.  It’s the same intrigue that followed Darth Maul when he appeared in The Phantom Menace.  There didn’t seem to be any background on this character before he appeared on screen and even after he appeared, we got minimal information at best as to who he was and where he came from.  That is what I think made Boba a really cool character.

So, where did Boba come in the movie?  Well, we first see him appear on Vader’s Flagship when he is talking to all of the other Bounty Hunters and put a price on Han Solo’s head.  He really sets up Boba Fett to try and find Han and lure Luke into a trap.  Another great scene from this movie includes Boba’s cool ship, “Slave I”.  After the Imperials dump their garbage and Han goes to take off with the Millenium Falcon, “Slave I” follows Han to Bespin.  I believe that Bubba led Vader to Cloud City before Han to work the deal out with Lando Calrissian (at least, that is what we are lead to believe).  Once in Cloud City, Lando leads Han, Chewie, and Leia into a dinner with both Fett and Vader.  After capturing the trio, Vader decides to torture Han and Leia for information.  Boba Fett is openly upset with how Han may be damaged throughout the following scenes.  Ironically, Han is frozen in carbonite and then loaded onto “Slave I” and Boba flies away with Han’s body to meet with Jabba the Hutt and collect his bounty.

I think the intrigue makes Boba interesting.  I think the Mandalorian Armor makes him more interesting.  I think “Slave I” makes him VERY interesting.  And I think all of the cool gadgets he uses in this movie, including his awesome looking blaster rifle, make him interesting as well.  Boba Fett lead to a lot of intrigue in this movie and that is why I believe he made a re-appearance in the next movie.  That is why I gave Boba Fett a:….

Boba Fett:  ********** (10)


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