Darth Vader

Well, as usual, I opened my big mouth and got myself into trouble yet again on this blog.  I apologize for not blogging last night, but I was wrapped up in the comments section from January 4th’s installment.  If you want to see what the “hub-bub” was about, just go to the comments section.  I believe the issue is resolved now.  By the way, Andrew:  I will probably take you up on your offer for “The Jedi Council Speaks #4”.  I have a good topic that I think we could discuss.

Okay, on with what is happening in both my life and on with our review of The Empire Strikes Back.  I have been slowly working on putting together “The Jedi Council Speaks” Volume I, Episode 3.  I am finally getting to the final stage of putting my notes for the show together and hope to start recording the intro tommorrow.  I feel like I’m finally getting back “into the groove” at school and feel like I’m ready to go on with my life now that I’m officially moved into my new classroom.  Not everything is unpacked just yet, but it’s pretty close.

Okay, so tonight’s blog is about my favorite character from The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader…..

Darth Vader:  ********** (10)

Okay, there is no doubt that if you didn’t hate Darth Vader before The Empire Strikes Back, then you HAD to hate him afterward!  His role in this movie is absolutely incredible.  The massive strikes he leads, the awesome ships we see him in and then the amazing lightaber duel that we see at the end of the movie.  All of this puts Darth Vader in a God-like presence by the end of the movie.  I will be honest with you, as a child I had nightmares after seeing this movie for months afterward, especially based ont he scene with Luke fighting Vader in the cave on Dagobah.  All of those nightmares stemmed from my ultimate fear of Darth Vader.

We start the movie by seeing Darth Vader searching all of the planets he can looking for the Rebel Alliance.  He finds an installation on the Hoth system and decides to attack that installation.  His generals question him about how sure he is and he threatens them.  They move the fleet into position and come in too close alerting the Rebels to their presence.  Vader gets mad at the admiral for bringing them in too close and kills him.  The fight over Hoth ensues and Vader lands half-way through the battle to try and rally the troops.  He is almost able to stop the Millenium Falcon from taking off but is dissapointed when he isn’t able to do so.  Vader joins the pursuit of the Millenium Falcon on his Super Star Destroyer.  Some of the scenes on this ship are what really adds to the intrigue of Vader.  We see the back of his head with his helmet off.  We finally see the Emporer when Vader and the Emporer discuss the emergence of Skywalker as a potential Jedi.  We also see Vader kill at least one more general for failing to follow through on his duties.  Then, on top of it all, Vader meets with bounty hunters and puts a price on Solo’s head and hires many bounty hunters to hunt him down, including our favorite bounty hunter, Bubba Fett (I’ll cover him later).

Later, on cloud city we see how cruel Vader can be when he captures and tortures Han, Leia, and Chewie.  Then comes my favorite part of this movie, Vader and Skywalker get in a huge lightsaber duel.  This battle shows Vader’s true power.  He is able to duel with Skywalker for most of the battle one-handed while Skywalker hangs on for dear life to his lightaber with two hands throughout the entire battle.  Then we see him simply launching objects at Luke just to show how powerful he really is.  I always have gotten the feeling the Vader is really just toying with Luke throughout the entire fight.  Then comes the most infamous Vader line:  “no, I am your father!”  And then the bombshell really gets dropped.  Vader tries to convince Luke to come to the Dark Side, but unsuccessfully.

I think that both David Prowse (the guy in the Vader suit for most of the movie) and James Earl Jones (the voice of Darth Vader) should be VERY proud of their role in this movie.  I think this movie depicts the ultimate power of Darth Vader the most.  Maybe even more than in Episode III.  Vader really takes on his role as ultimate bad-ass and really takes evil to a new level.  This movie is what really defined Darth Vader as the guy to be feared.  Although the Emporer seems like a bad-guy his true power hasn’t been revealed yet.  That’s why I gave Darth Vader a…..

Darth Vader:  ********** (10)


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