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“The Jedi Council Speaks” Again!

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Well, I have been spending the better part of tonight working on “The Jedi Council Speaks” Volume I, Episode 3.  I have been finnishing editing and was able to keep the episode under two hours and fifteen minutes.  Under the same guise, I want to let you all know that I will be offering both the full episode for download and each segment of the episode available for download.  That way if you want to listen to the whole episode in segments you can.  With all of that going on, I really don’t have time to go through and write a blog tonight or tommorrow night.   So, tommorrow night at midnight, the next episode of the show will premiere.  I hope you all are excited because I know I am!  Things look up around here yet again!



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Well, not much happened here today.  A lot of sleeping (Heather had to catch up because she worked till 2 this morning and has to do it again next Friday and Saturday).  I also realized today that my blog is screwed up somehow.  That’s right, this blog is messed up.  If you try to search by a category, you get a message from saying that there are no categories, and we all know that is not the case.  Anyway, Austin went to a birthday party at Northgate Speedway today and we came to find out that Austin doesn’t drive go-carts too well.  He was all over the track and running into other cars and the side rails.  I hope it’s a LONG while before I see him drive a car.  Hey, he reminded me of my brother and I when we would play “Indianapolis 500” on the Atari and made up a new game of trying to hit anything and everything in sight.

Well, onto the real reason you’re all here.  Time to talk about Chewbacca’s role in The Return of the Jedi…..

Chewbacca:  *** (3)

Chewbacca’s role in this movie was minor and unimportant at best.  I really didn’t like the lack of support  that Chewie’s character supplied to Return of the Jedi. 

We start off the movie with Chewie being sold to Jabba by a Bounty Hunter that turns out to be Princess Leia in a costume.  Chewie gets put in jail and he ends up redevousing with Han in the Jail at Jabba’s Palace.  He’s then involved in the skiff battle and helps to free Han.  Chewie then meets up with the Rebel Fleet and decides to join Han on his mission on the Planet of Endor.  After they land Chewie helps to fight off some speed biker stormtroopers and then gets attracted to come carcases that lead to the discovery of the Ewoks.  Chewie sees them as a smaller version of himself and seems to have a kindred connection with them.  When the Ewoks decide to help in the attack, Chewie helps them steal an AT-AT and then get to the shield generator, where, with Han’s help they are able to disable the shield.

Chewie just didn’t have as significant a role in this movie and I was very dissapointed by this.  I just feel that Lucas somehow got bored with Chewie’s character and didn’t know where to go with him.  So, Chewie seemed to be there to simply “fill in space” by this movie.  I think that Timothy Zahn found a way to revitalize Chewie’s role in the Star Wars universe in a much more profound way than Lucas ever did after The Empire Strikes Back.  That is why I gave Chewie a:

Chewbacca:  *** (3)

Lando Calrissian

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Okay so last night was supposed to be this particular blog but things just didn’t seem to go the way that I wanted them to.  I was ready to get online last night to input my grades for this quarter and to write my blog when out of nowhere, my internet connection, my cable connection, and my phone all go down at the same time and since I use Time Warner, I know that they were where my problem lies.  So my wife and I called Time Warner on our cell phone this morning to try to figure out what was going on.  Well, Time Warner saw that we attempted to make a payment online earlier this month but it didn’t go through.  It wasn’t their fault, it wasn’t the banks fault, it was the fault of the internet company handling the transmission.  Long story short, we had to go all the way over to Vestal today and go to the main office for this area to pay the bill and discuss the situation over with a local mangager to get the reconnection fees waived.  They treated us like common thugs even though we weren’t the ones that made the mistake.  Needless to say, it wasn’t a joyful experience.  Honestly, this is the first bad experience that my wife and I have had with Time Warner, so I’m willing to write it off.  We’ve decided to never use their “convenient” way to pay the cable bill anymore.  Evidently, it isn’t so convenient.

Austin’s Pinewood Derby Car race has been changed to this Monday since we had a snow day last Monday.  He’s very excited and kept pulling his car out all week this week looking at it and asking me when the race was actually going to happen.  This is such a weird weekend without any football going on.  I guess I have just gotten used to it being around and I also go through a week or two of depression because I can’t watch it every week.  My son and I have taken to watching NASCAR to fill in the gap, and we find that pretty exciting and fortunately for us, it starts in about three weeks.  We like to follow Austin’s favorite driver, Robby Gordon (yes, that’s Jeff Gordon’s brother).  Ruth went to her best friend’s birthday party from the apartment complex.  She was surprised at how much her friend has changed since she saw her last and felt very disconnected with her old best friend.  I feel bad for her, but I don’t know what to tell her.

Okay, onto the Star Wars stuff.  Let’s talk about Lando Calrissian’s role in Return of the Jedi….


I really liked how Billy Dee Williams’ role was expanded from the time of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.  Lando became a true member of the Rebel Alliance and by the time this movie starts, we really feel like Lando is part of the Rebellion “family”.  I really have to remind myself at points in this movie that Lando’s character only came in half-way through the last movie.  I think Star Wars fans felt a connection with Lando and really felt like he was “part of the gang” pretty quickly.

We start with Lando putting his life on the line trying to get Han out of hybernation and getting him to safety.  When we get to the scene with the Sarlaac Pit, I thought George Lucas was going to kill Lando off early in this movie, and I really didn’t want to see that happen.  Luckily for the fans, that wasn’t the case.  Lando helps them escape and joins up with the Rebels when they plan their attack on the second Death Star.

Lando is then put in charge of leading the fighters on the attack of the second Death Star.  Although the concept seems simple at first, as the Rebels are hopeful their plan will work, it becomes much more complicated very quickly.  The shield isn’t down and the Rebel fleet finds out that the Death Star is fully operational.  Lando then becomes involved in trying to move the fleet around in a strategic way so they can give the team on Endor time to take the shield out.  After some time, the shield comes down and Lando leads the fighters into the Death Star power core and they manage to destroy the second Death Star and end all hopes of the Empire coming to complete power in the galaxy. 

Lando’s role, although extremely small, had a rather large impact on this movie and the Star Wars storyline.  I think this movie really moved Lando higher on the “fellow member” Rebellion list.  Because of Billy Dee Williams’ good acting skills and Lando’s improved role, I’m giving Lando Calrissian a….

Lando Calrissian:  ******** (8)

Quick Update

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Well, I honestly just don’t have the energy to talk about Star Wars tonight, so I will  continue my Star Wars talk on Friday night and will do my next topic, which will be Lando Calrissian.  Today was an absolutely long day.  I’m just totally exhausted right now and I am amazed that I have been able to keep my eyes open over the past four to five hours.  First, I was giving the final exams for my class all day today which always seems to be exhausting in itself.  Then I find out from my wife that my oldest daughter was taken out of school for lice AGAIN!  Now I know it’s not coming from this house because my other two children don’t have it, but Ruth does.  The nurse at our school completely disagrees with me and refuses to send letters home and check the other students.  This concerns me that other students in Ruth’s class don’t know that their son or daughter may have it.  It’s rather distressing.  Anway, Heather got another phone call from the school around 2:30 today and we come to find out that Tara had a fever and she was being sent home.  So, Heather has declared tommorrow “sick day” at the Crissman household.  I would stay home tommorrow, but I have to finnish giving final exams, so Heather is going to stay home while I go to school.  All three kids are going to stay home as our school has a “24 hour” policy on both lice and fevers.  So, I had quite a day trying to figure out how to deal with this, sitting down for auditions for our musical after school and just getting home and getting things ready around here for bed.  I’m exhausted!  So, I’m also going to take tommorrow night off from blogging, and I will catch up with all of you on Friday.  Just a quick reminder that it is only seven days till the release of “The Jedi Council Speaks Volume I, Episode 3”.  See you all on Friday….

Princess Leia

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Hey all.  I was home the whole day yesterday with a “snow day” from school and ironically still didn’t seem to have enough time to write in my blog.  I guess that’s just is how life really goes.  I spent most of the day yesterday trying to work on some things around the house, the big one was getting our “bar” ready for the Superbowl party that Heather and I are going to throw on Superbowl Sunday.  The bar was loose to say the least.  Now it is rock solid and I was able to install some new shelves.  My wife actually let me buy a power tool to complete the project which I was impressed with since she calls me Tim Allen.  Tara stayed home today with “Pink Eye” which bummed her out.  This means that in the past month my kids have had the flu, pink eye, and lice.  I think we’ve run the gambit now and I hope that next month has a tendency to be “more healthy”.

Okay, onto my discussion tonight of Princess Leia’s role in Return of the Jedi…..

Princess Leia:  *** (3)

Well, you really can’t talk about Princess Leia’s role in Return of the Jedi without talking about the “Slave Girl” costume.  At least that’s what it is called in the costuming world of Star Wars.  Gentlemen, you KNOW which outfit I’m talking about.  It’s that one outfit we want to see every futuristic woman wearing, next to nothing!  Ladies, it’s that bikini-like costume that Princess Leia wears at the beginning of this movie while chained to the big “blob”, Jabba the Hutt.  It was so idolized, that it has shown up on other shows, such as “Friends”.  Why?  Well, let’s face it, Princess Leia looked HOT in that outfit and made every guy want to go and watch this movie just for that outfit.

Unfortunately, that is the only reason to watch this movie as far as Princess Leia is concerned.  Leia’s acting and role in this film are absolutely pointless and have little bearing over the Star Wars storyline and little bearing over my feelings for her or the plight of anyone around her.  She ends up doing everything from impersonating a bounty hunter to try and recover Han to falling in love with those cute cuddly Ewoks and convincing them to fight the Empire and then there’s that serious discussion she has with Luke about realizing that Luke is her brother.  Just one question, if you’ve always known that Luke was your brother, then WHY DID YOU KISS HIM?!!!  Okay, I may never get an answer to that question, but it has to be brought up!  Anyway, she gets injured toward the end of the movie and I actually got excited that she may actually get killed off.  But, it never happened.  Unfortunately for Leia, her roles in the books are MUCH better than they are in the movie, and in some ways that is a shame.

Carrie Fisher was probably one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen!  It’s amazing to know that she was even in The Blues Brothers and When Harry Met Sally and actually did a decent acting job in those movies, but her roles in the Star Wars film stunk worse than “Peppy Le Peu” from Warner Bros.  That’s why I gave Princess Leia a:

Princess Leia:  *** (3)

Han Solo

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Well, not much going on in my personal life.  I got a whole bunch of grading done today and tonight, as the quarter ends on Friday, I need to get my kids ready, and give, my final exams this week.  Today my in-laws came over and we had a great time going to church and then coming home.  We relaxed for a little while and then my father-in-law and I put in a new stopper and shower exchange on the tub.  It was one of those little things that needed to be done.  Heather and I are still scraping by on monies in our house as we know that BOTH of our cars are probably looking at some major overhauls over the next month.  Both cars are having transmission problems and my biggest fear is that we will have to put new transmissions in both cars, which I am praying isn’t the case.

As far as the podcast goes, well, I only have one more segment to record and then it’s on to final editing.  I think I’ll have no problem getting this podcast out on time and I find myself getting a little more confident with every release.  It’s unfortunate that I can’t put all of the segments I wanted to with this podcast, but it is for good reasons, I had a lot to cover this month, and besides, it’ll give me a reason to put out a “Special Edition” of TJCS on March 1st.  Anything to have an excuse to put out another podcast, right?

Okay, onto my discussion tonight of Han Solo’s role in Return of the Jedi……


Well, Han Solo is really one of the bright spots of this whole movie.  Han picks up right where he left off just before being frozen in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back.  He get’s freed by Luke and his friends and still manages to have a sense of humor about his current situation (being blind) because of the carbonation sickness by saying things like, “great!  Now instead of seeing a big dark blur, I see a big light blur!”  That just shows how this character is able to make light of a situation that could be looked at as VERY serious.  We also see the development of the love story between Han and Leia, and it really seems to take off in this movie.  Because of the development of this love story, I’m almost dissapointed about not knowing how they are going to end up by the end of the movie.  At least Timothy Zahn and other authors cary the story on in book form later on.

I was really impressed with how well Harrison Ford had developed as an actor by this point as well.  We see Han as the “man’s man” because of how well Ford plays the character.  Han Solo becomes likable and lovable and I think many guys connect with his sarcasm and humor throughout this movie.  Plus, Han Solo comes up with some innovative ways to attack people like tricking the reinforcements on the moon of Endor into opening the doors to the shield generator.  Han Solo is also finally looked upon as a leader of the Rebel Alliance and not just another scumbag mercenary-type.  Considering all of this, I really can’t find one annoying moment or bad moment for Han Solo in this entire movie.  Han ends up being one of the brighter spots in an otherwise horrible Star Wars movie.  Because of this, I gave Han Solo a:

Han Solo:  ********* (9)


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Well, I had every intention of covering this topic yesterday, but I had quite the day!  I had a student call me a name during testing, I was told that I won’t be playing in the pit for the high school musical, which I’m a little bummed about as I have done it for the past four years in a row, and I had a fight start on the football field and I had to restrain a student that I had a good relationship with in class, which is always distressing to a teacher because you always want your students to do well and be on their best behavior.  Needless to say, it was one of those days where I was asking myself – “why did I become a teacher?”  Anyway, I feel much better today, and things have been going more smoothly today.   Heather and I went shopping last night since I got my paycheck yesterday and spent four hours shopping with the entire family for groceries and Sam’s Club.  Wow!  That was quite the task, but it needed to be done.  Well, it’s over with and we have enough supplies to last us about a month, except for the Sam’s Club stuff, that usually lasts about four to five months around here.  Austin and I finnished his Pinewood Derby car and went to the Post Office today to weigh it, and it weighs exactly five ounces (which is the most they will let it weigh for a race!), so we just pulled it off.  I also took down our outside Christmas lights today, so I guess Christmas is officially over at this household (besides, if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t hear the end of it from my wife!).  Anyway, onto the real reason most of you are here, my thoughts on R2D2 in Return of the Jedi…..

R2D2:  ******* (7)

R2D2’s role in this movie was actually pretty cool.  I was actually impressed with what they had the little guy doing in this movie.  This was not the typical R2D2 role of movies past.  He was a little more aggressive in this movie and I actually enjoyed how he had an impact on the movie and on the Star Wars storyline.  It made me start to endear R2 like I did as a kid.  I guess in a way he made me feel young again, just by being in the movie in the capacity that he was.

R2 starts off the movie by traveling to Jabba’s Palace with C3-PO to deliver the message of their master, Luke Skywalker.  We find out that R2 and C3-PO are gifts to Jabba and both of the droids are fearful of their future.  They are taken off to get refitted and R2 looks like he’s about to be tortured, when we find out that he will work on Jabba’s Sail Barge instead.  While on the Barge, R2 becomes a cocktail waiter of sorts and is ready to watch Luke and Han be put into the Sarlaac Pit, when Luke jumps off the platform, R2 launches a lightsaber from within his guts, into the air, so Luke can defend himself and get away.  Then, he frees Leia so that she can kill Jabba.  He’s picked up by our heroes at the end of the scene after being baried in sand.

R2D2 and Luke then go to visit Master Yoda and find that Yoda is dying.  They then meet up with the Rebels as they are planning to attack Death Star #2.  R2 ends up being part of the small Rebel group that decides to land on the small planet of Endor, to knock out the shield generator that is creating the shield around the Death Star while it finnishes it’s construction.  On this planet, R2 and C3-PO discover the Ewoks, and we get to see some creatures that are relatively the same size as R2.  R2 then plays a critical role in the attack on the shield bunker as he tries to open the blast doors and gets shot up himself.  We fear that R2D2 is lost till we see him fully revived by the end of the movie.

R2 uses great gadgets and seems to be a little more involved in this movie.  He becomes a meaningful character and we get to see some of the old R2D2 humor that first shows up in A New Hope.  Because of all of this, I give R2D2 a:

R2D2:  ******* (7)