Personal Update/Yoda

Well, I know it’s been a while since I last blogged, but hey, I’ve been a buisy man!  And I’m not just talking about owning a house and everything else.  The Christmas season has been very kind to the Crissman family this season.  The kids had a great Christmas (which is what Christmas is all about in my house).  My son got a ton of Star Wars toys for Christmas and what can I say, I’m a proud dad that my son is THAT into Star Wars.  Anyway,  I got some cool gifts myself and was very happy with the turn-out of Christmas.  We had a great feast at our house and I could never be prouder to be able to host such a feast in my new house.  Now, on top of all of this my wife and I are actually going to be able to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve for only the second time in our eight years of being married.  I don’t know why I get so excited about that, but I do.  I like to see the ball drop and all the other places we go, we can’t do that.  At Scott’s place, Scott doesn’t have cable TV (as a personal protest, which I completely understand and respect Scott, so don’t take that the wrong way) and at my in-laws, they have satelite TV and don’t get local channels.  So, being able to watch the ball drop seems like a big deal to me.

On another note, for those of you that know me well know that I’m also into Lord of the Rings (which I may start another blog and podcast about that later on this upcoming year) and I have been playing the Lord of the Rings miniatures game from Games Workshop.  Well, I’m very excited to announce that my Helm’s Deep set that I have been building over the past year is really starting to take shape and take off.  I have just finnished with the outer wall and will be looking to make the great hall this week and raising up the entire inner and outer wall sections so that I can work on the deepening wall.  The only other thing I need is a six foot table to start putting the entire set on.  My ultimate goal is to be able to break it all down when I need to.  This is to save some space in my house.  Anyway, I’m just excited to be at this stage.  I have been considering putting some pics up on this blog of the current project, let me know what all of you think.

Also on another personal note, my classroom is finally moved.  I finnished up moving my room today and it was quite a chore.  The only thing I need to do is some massive organizing in my classroom.  So, tommorrow, I have to wake up early and drive to school by 7:30 a.m. and try to get back to my house less than two hours later so that Heather can leave for work while I watch the kids.

I also plan on starting to work on “The Jedi Council Speaks”, Volume 1, Episode 3 starting tommorrow.  So, if there are any comments or “jabs” you want to get into the show the next few days would be the time to do it.  I’m also proud to announce that a preview for this episode will be up on Podomatic on New Years Day (can’t garauntee the time yet).

Okay, so I know you came to talk/read about Star Wars, so here goes.  Tonight’s topice, Yoda and his role in The Empire Strikes Back.

Yoda:  ****** (6)

Yoda.  A character that as a child I revered and respected, but as an adult, I have learned to almost be annoyed by Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back.  I think much of it has to do with what I have seen of Yoda as an adult compared to what I have seen of Yoda as a kid.

I remember seeing Yoda in the theater and I was very young, but I remember thinking “wow, that’s the famed Jedi Master Yoda.”  Of course, I had no idea what that really meant, and by this point in my life I hadn’t seen Yoda fight Count Dooku the way he does in the prequels, so I was going by what we were shown of Yoda.  I remember thinking that he was larger than life, and reality is that most of the quotes that are still used from Star Wars come from Yoda, like “Do or do not, there is no try” or “The dark side is quicker, easier”.  I love these quotes and you can find them all over my classroom because I think that they are quotes we can ALL live by.

On the other hand, Yoda can be completely annoying in this movie.  All the laughing and playing with Luke’s mind.  The fact that he doesn’t introduce himself at the beginning.  I know, he’s supposed to be testing Luke, but come on folks, was it really a fair test?  Or even a good test of Luke’s “abilities”?  I think the fact that Yoda is so quick to say that he won’t train Luke is also very interesting.  Evidently Yoda mastered that concept of communing with the dead on Dagobah (from Episode III) or he wouldn’t be able to commune with Obi-Wan. 

More over, how is it that Yoda takes years (almost decades) training Jedi Knights before this movie, but seems to be able to train Luke in what seems like days (maybe weeks), there doesn’t seem to be any calculation of time.  It can’t be too long considering what happens to Han and Leia.  Now, I understand that his training is not completed, but his training shouldn’t have even come close to being completed.

Now, with all I just said, I’m sure you’re expecting a totally negative rating.  Once thing I must say is that I like Frank Oz’s version of Yoda as opposed to the computer generated one’s of other movies.  What’s wrong with still using puppets even if computers give you more abilities.  With all of this in mind, I give Yoda a:

Yoda:  ****** (6)


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