Okay, I have to say that everything today has been absolutely incredible!  First, I woke up to six inches of snow, so school was cancelled.  This made me very excited, almost as excited as the kids at school and the children in my house.  So, I slept in today and got a chance to IM with Josh this morning which I haven’t had a chance to do in weeks.  Next, I took a shower and went grocery shopping for my wife after she got back from work (around two p.m. or so).  We got back here and unloaded the car.  We ate dinner and I finnished up some work on the bathroom.  Then, my children finnished cleaning their rooms and we went downstairs and played “Jedi Knights” for about forty five minutes.  I love doing this with my children.  It’s very exhilerating and with my kids requires a lot of exercise as well.  Also, I got a chance to use my new lightsaber from Lind Sabers, and it worked great.  Since I have my new lightsaber, I now have two to “play” with.  Yeah, I know it sounds like I’m a kid.  And I am.  I’m just a big kid!

Anyway, I realized why I was so excited this week today.  Josh is coming down to go shopping with me tommorrow.  He should be arriving late tonight.  As a matter of fact he is probably at a hockey game as this is being typed in Rochester.  He should arrive here at twelve or one in the morning.  I love being around my friend Josh.  We always act like such goofs and I feel as though I can say or do anything in front of him.  My wife always jokes around about Josh being his “second husband” and he has really become part of the family here at the Crissman household.  So, I’m excited because Josh hasn’t seen the new house yet, so I’m excited to show him around and for him to use our new guest bedroom.  This is the first real visitors that are visiting and staying over since we arrived at out house, so it should be fun.  Besides, with Josh and I shopping for Christmas, we are sure to be doing a one a.m. Walmart run.  It just seems to be a tradition for us for some reason.  Can’t wait till Josh gets here.  I also hope to interview Josh in the car ride tommorrow for the next podcast.

I’m also, ironically, watching Star Wars Episode III while I’m blogging tonight.

Anyway, onto Star Wars talk…..

Chewbacca:  ****** (6)

Okay, so tonight’s blog is to talk about Chewbacca’s role in The Empire Strikes Back.  I believe that Chewie’s role in this movie is significantly heightened from the last movie.  Chewie seems to have a more prominent role in this movie and I love the banter that goes on between Han and Chewie throughout the entire movie.

The first time we see Chewie is when Han and Chewie find an Imperial Probe Droid.  Chewie distracts the droid by screaming at it while Han shoots it and it blows up.  Next we see Han and Chewie in the hangar at Hoth.  Chewie and Han are trying to take off early because there is a price on Han’s head by one of the Hutts.  Chewie and Han are both arguing with a droid that can’t seem to help fix the Millenium Falcon.  Next, Chewie and Han (with Princess Leia and C3-PO) leave Hoth and try to fly away to a point where they are safe.  However, they get caught by the Imperial Fleet.  They try to jump to hyperspace, but can’t because the Falcon really isn’t fixed.  Instead they take evasive action as Han and Chewie decide to try and fix the Falcon while in space.  Instead they fly into an asteroid field.

They decide to dock with one of the asteroids while they finnish repairing the Falcon.  While on this “asteroid”, Chewie and Han have to leave the Falcon and search the outside of the ship for Minoks.  That’s when Han realizes that they are not longer in an asteroid.  They escape the belly of a giant creature and still try to make the jump to hyperspace, but are unsuccessful.  After a chase and some fighting, the Falcon dissappears (and is really docked with a Star Destroyer).  After which, Chewie and Han go to Bespin to find Han’s old friend, Lando.

At Bespin, Chewie looses C3-PO and they find him in a pile of scrap metal.  Then, Chewie, Han, and Leia are all captured by Darth Vader.  In this segment of the movie there is two great scenes.  The first, when Chewie is trying to put C3-PO back together and C3-PO realizes he put his head on backwards.  Next, the scene where Chewie “freaks out” before Han is encased in carbonite, after which Han asks Chewie to take car of Leia.

Overall, Chewie was a great sidekick to Han througout this movie, but really played a very weak role as far acting and having an influece over the movie.  He had less of an impact in this movie than he did in A New Hope.  That’s why I gave Chewbacca a:

Chewbacca:  ****** (6)


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