Okay, so  I finally got my lightsaber today, and I am COMPLETELY IMPRESSED!!  It was really cool, looks great, doesn’t make that annoying “humming” sound I’ve heard a lot of EL Lightsabers have a tendency to make.  Just a great saber in general.  So, if you’re looking for a real looking, light up lightsaber for a real good price and want some quality service, check out Lind Sabers at http://www.lindsabers.com.  I promise to put the link up on my blogroll this week as well.  I will stand behind this company and say they are a much better alternative to Park Sabers who charges you between $250 and $300.

I also had another great website that I ran into tonight.  For those of you who don’t know, I am a Lord of the Rings fanatic as well as a Star Wars fan and have gotten into Lord of the Rings Miniature Gaming.  I have also gotten myself into Star Wars gaming, miniature and otherwise.  So, at www.palantir.org, they have recently decided to advertise about a Star Wars gaming site called “The Holocron”.  So, here it is folks, breaking Star Wars news right here on my blog.  “The Holocron” is officially open, it can be found at:  http://www.theholocron.org/forum/portal.php.  Check it out, it’s a cool site and I know I’ll be registering there sometime this week.

Okay, now onto the “real” reason we’re here.  Time to talk Star Wars…….

C3-PO:  ******** (8)

Okay, so I have limited time to type tonight, so I thought it necesary to talk about C3-PO and his role in The Empire Strikes Back.  I really think Lucas thought through C3-PO’s role in this movie a lot more than the other movies.  I sometimes wonder if maybe Anthony Daniels was given more of an opportunity to let his personality take over the role of C3-PO and let his humor come acrossed in this character.  I don’t know what George and Anthony did in this movie to improve C3-PO’s role, but I think they should have kept this formula for the rest of the movies.

C3-PO takes on the role of the comedian from the beginning of the movie on.  He makes several wise cracks on Hoth and seems to be involved in many of the funniest scenes.  I love Han yelling at C3-PO, “Come on Golden Rod, or you’re going to be a permanent resident!”  Some other great moments from C3-PO occur throughout this entire movie, like, “I don’t think this asteroid is entirely stable” or “look at me, I’m in pieces!”  He just simply plays the role of the comedian throughout the movie.  He also plays a significant logical role throughout the movie as well.  He’s able to help to fix the Millenium Falcon in this movie and is also able to help them escape Cloud City and is able to disrupt Han and Leia in their most intimate scene.  C3-PO was played a “toned down” version of his role in this movie and really played the role well.  Because of this, I give C3-PO a:

C3-PO:  ******** (8)


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