Luke Skywalker

Well, I am very excited tonight and very buisy all at the same time.  First off, I have officially started a website about my alias – TreBor Gah’Kor.  Originally TreBor was a Klingon (yeah, I know, unfortunately I used to be a trekky, but hey, I came back from the Dark Side).  Now, he has become a Jedi Master.  I plan on making a website in honor of him and I am currently working on his back story and I think many of you will find his back story very interesting.  That website can be found at:  Pay attention to the site over the next month or so and his back story, pics of me in Jedi Costume other various assundries of things will go up on the site.

I recently ordered a new lightsaber from Lindsabers and have found out today that the lightsaber has been shipped.  I feel like a kid in a candy store.  Now all I need to fully complete my costume is to find some “official” Jedi Boots.  Something to replace the ones I currently have.  Once that is done, I hope to become an official member of “The Rebel Legion”.  I am also looking forward (if my wife will let me) to going to a meeting in Rochester and meeting a whole bunch of Star Wars fans just like me.

Okay, so I will calm down and start my actual blog on Star Wars tonight.  I will start with Luke Skywalker’s role in The Empire Strikes Back…….

Luke Skywalker:  ********* (9)

I do believe that Luke Skywalker’s role becomes significantly important in this movie.  Before the prequel came out, I always believed that the whole Star Wars story was about Luke Skywalker, and I believe the pace of The Empire Strikes Back is what made me think this.  The beginning, middle, and end of this movie is all about the plight of Luke Skywalker and his influence on the universe and his ability or inability to become a Jedi.  I think what really makes this movie interesting is that there is the belief that Luke is the last hope for the Jedi in the galaxy, even though “there is another”….

Okay, so at the beginning of the movie we find Luke on a really cool planet called Hoth.  This is an icy wasteland where the Rebel forces are hiding from the Empire.  Thanks to Vader’s ability to sense where the enemy is, he is able to track them to the planet.  Before the Imperials arrive, Luke is attacked by a Wampa and sees Ben Kenobi as an aparition and Ben tells Luke that he must go to Dagobah and find Yoda, a Jedi Master that will train him to become a Jedi.  After a really cool battle, Luke escapes the Imperials and heads for Dagobah.

While on Dagobah, Lukes ship sinks into the swamp and he feels lost and scared about his ability to know why he is here.  During this time he meets a short green character.  Little to Luke’s knowledge, it’s Yoda.  Yoda asks him who he is looking for and Luke replies, “a great warrior”.  Yoda promises to take Luke to Yoda but doesn’t reveal for some time that HE is Yoda.  Once Luke finds out who Yoda is, he starts his training as a Jedi Knight.  Many things that we learn about early Jedi Training occurs in this part of the movie, including some of the best quotes from any Star Wars movie.  Such as, “The Force is between you, me, the rock, the tree.  Yes, even between the land and the ship.”  Or, “Do or Do Not, there is no try!”.  For me, these quotes can be found in my classroom as inspiration for my students in my class to remember to keep trying.  Anyway, Yoda manages to lift Lukes ship out of the swamp and Luke is in disbelief.  During a session of his training, Luke sees a glimpse of the future and sees Han and Leia in pain in a city in the clouds.  Yoda warns Luke that his training is not complet, but Luke rushes to save his friends anyway.

While on Bespin (The City in the Clouds), Luke tries to save Han and Leia and fails to do so.  However, he runs into Darth Vader and an amazing lightsaber battle ensues.  One of the best Star Wars fights ever, occurs in this movie.  I think the different levels of the battle add to the intensity of the fight and make it that much more interesting.  I do believe that this battle is the longest (on screen) lightsaber battle of all the lightsaber battles in any of the Star Wars films.  Then comes that infamous line, “No, I am your father!”  That was a heart stopper for me as a kid and I couldn’t believe what I had heard.

So, on to the discussion of Mark Hamill.  First off, for those of you that don’t know, Mark Hamill was in a teribble car crash between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.  Mark had a scar on his face during production and had to change the style of the make-up that he wore between movies.  Lucas and many others on the production team were worried that fans would notice the scar and the changes to Lukes face.  Honestly, most of the people I know would never have known the difference if they had not been told.  I think Mark Hamill did an incredible job in this movie and totally made-up for his boyish ways in A New Hope.  I feel that somewhere between these two movies, Mark Hamill learned to act.  Because of his stellar performance and an incredible storyline, I give Luke Skywalker a…..

Luke Skywalker:  ********* (9)


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