Lando Calrissian

Well, I’m just completely EXHAUSTED today!!  I didn’t think that getting back to school would take so much energy out of me, but there are many things that could’ve attributed to my exhaustian.  It could be the one-hour delay we had today because of the weather, it could be because I went into school on time anyway to try and finnish putting my new room back together (which didn’t get done anyway, but is MUCH closer than it was yesterday) and finally it’s simply the first day back after a break.  I had a dear friend of mine today that had to put her dog to sleep.  I don’t want to embarass her and mention her name on the blog, but I do want her to know that I’m thinking of her and that I want everyone who reads my blog to pray for her.  Her dog was very dear to her and it always hurts me to see others in pain.  She was very upset and I want to do something for her, but just somehow feel very helpless.  So, if you’re reading this, just know that everyone at “The Jedi Council Speaks” and the Jedi Council Blog are thinking of you and praying for you. 

Okay, now onto the real reason you’re all here.  I want to apologize for getting away from the Star Wars “stuff” but I have to admit that it felt good to get off my chest what I had to say last night.  I do want to say that I listened to a new Star Wars podcast today entitled “Star Wars:  In The Beginning”.  It reminded me a lot of my show, but hey, I’m not going to complain that the set-up is too close to mine, if it is great, it’s an omage to me.   If it’s not, all well.  I think the set-up works, and I don’t care that someone may be using the same set-up as I have.  I’M NOT THAT VAIN!!  Anyway, if you want to catch the podcast go to:

Anyway, onto Lando Calrissian’s role in The Empire Strikes Back….

Lando Calrissian:  ******* (7)

In some ways I feel bad for Lando Calrissian in The Empire Strikes Back and in other ways I don’t feel sorry for him at all.  I feel bad in that all sorts of bad things seems to just happen on Bespin and Lando doesn’t seem to have control over what happens to him.  On the other hand, the guy is pretty seedy and doesn’t seem to have a legitimate buisness to work with to begin with.

Okay, so we meet Lando towards the end of the movie when Han, Leia, and Chewie end up bringing the Millenium Falcon to Bespin for repairs.  We find out the Falcon used to belong to Lando and that Han won it from him fair and square in some sort of gambling arrangement that was made.  Still, Han says he’s a friend but still doesn’t trust him and tells Chewie to watch what is going on anyway.  Next we find Lando leading Leia and Han into a trap when they have dinner and thanks to Lando are joined by Darth Vader and Bubba Fett.  We basically find out that Lando had to land a deal with the Empire or loose his whole mining operation.  In the process of the interogation, we find out that Lando had stipulations in the deal and Vader continually changes them on him.  Vader decides to freeze Han to test the carbon freezing for Skywalker.  Vader then tells Lando to put Leia and “the wookie” on his ship, and that’s when Lando realizes that he’s been “had”.  He then comes up with a great scheme where Lobot (Lando’s human-like robot) frees him from the stormtroopers and then attempts to get Han back.  This fails as Han gets away, so Lando escorts Leia and Chewie to the Falcon and they get out on the Falcon and go back to get Luke and escape the Super Star Destroyer when R2 finally fixed the Falcon.

Although Lando’s role in this movie is inconsequential, it is an important piece to the puzzle.  I was glad that Lucas picked Billy Dee Williams to play the role of Lando Calrissian.   I think that Williams made the role of Lando even more interesting than it probably even looked in the script.  Because of his great acting, I believe Billy Dee’s character was brought back for a reprise in Return of the Jedi.  Although Billy Dee Williams did do some great acting, I have some issues with the choices made about Lando’s attire.  How could George Lucas allow a 1970’sish costume be used for this character in this movie?  It’s like going retro in a Matrix movie!!  Although, I can’t blame Lucas, Williams or anyone but the costume designer for this oversite.  Anyway, taking all of this into mind, I give Lando a:

Lando Calrissian:  ******* (7)

One Response to “Lando Calrissian”

  1. You honestly believe that Lando’s only reason for “betraying” Han was a fear that he would lose his mining operation?

    You never considered the possibility that he had to think about the citizens of Bespin? The same man who warned the citizens via a communication system that the Empire was taking over the colony, while trying to help Leia, Chewie and Threepio escape?

    That never occurred to you? Or is it that important to condemn Lando for “betraying” Han, the same idiot who failed to realize that a bounty hunter was following his ship for nearly three months?

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