Governor Tarkin

Well, I got a chance to listen to Sheep Guarding Llama episode number 26 tonight.  I honestly must say, Scott, that your episode was very unique (I guess).  The girls kind of scared me with the singing and all the gigglyness (is that a word?).  Okay, so no subjects to get on tonight, just straightforward Star Wars talk.  Only 28 hours till the release of “The Jedi Council Speaks” Volume 1, Episode II.  Time to talk about Governor Tarkin….

Tarkin:  ********* (9)

There is no doubt that one of the best “bad guys” in this movie has to be Governor Tarkin as well as Darth Vader.  Tarkin reminds me of a grandfather on a massive pissed-off rampage.  He always seems to have a grip on Vader throughout the movie.  Througout A New Hope, it seems as though Tarkin orders Vader around and Vader consistently seems afraid of Governor Tarkin.  This has always surprised me considering Tarkin is supposed to be merely a Governor.  But for some reason he always seemed very powerful to me.


Maybe it was because it seems that Tarkin has more power than the Emporer.  He has better control over Vader than the Emporer.  He even gets Vader to stop from killing one of his fellow officers when he says, “release him!”  How often did the Emporer give a direct order to Vader that he followed in the movies preceding A New Hope.  Quite honestly, Tarkin treats Vader like he’s his “bitch” (sorry about the French!).


Anyway, my favorite scene with Tarkin is the moment just before he dies.  I love to watch the scene as we see his profile and watches the screen hoping the Rebels fail in trying to bring down the Death Star.  I really think this shows Tarkin’s stubbornness and his willingness to believe that the Death Star would not be destroyed.  Something to think about, Tarkin believes in Vader outright because he believes that Vader will get to the X-Wings before the Death Star is destroyed.


Finally, Tarkin is really the man in control of the situation at the beginning of the movie.  I find it most interesting that we don’t see the Emporer at ALL throughout this entire movie.  So Tarkin seems to take his place for this one movie and really fills in the role of the “Bad Guy in Charge” very well.  So, with this in mind, I gave Tarkin a…..


Tarkin:  ********* (9)

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