The Millenium Falcon

Okay, I want to let you all know that Volume I, Episode II of “The Jedi Council Speaks” was completed tonight.  However, I’m NOT going to release it early!  (that’s right Nathan)  The next episode will be released on December 1st at 12 a.m.  That’s right folks, On Thursday morning (or Wednesday night, depending on how you look at it) at midnight, you will be able to download the next episode, so depending on how late at night you stay up, depends on how soon you hear the next episode.  I will tell you the next episode is one hour and thirty four minutes long.

Okay, so tonight’s Star Wars Blog will be a little short again, but I decided to talk about the Millenium Falcon.  I won’t rate it, however, because it is not a character.

I know the Millenium Falcon is not a Star Wars character persay, but I feel as though I can’t help but consider it a Star Wars character.  The ship is definetly full of character, and I feel as though I understand what the Millenium Falcon represents.  In my house the Falcon actually represents a car.  That’s right, my car is referred to as the Millenium Falcon in our house (my kids call it that).  By the way, my wife’s car is called “The Lady Luck”.  That will make more sense when we get to the Timothy Zahn series of books.

Anyway, the Falcon is a character in it’s own way.  It’s ugly on the outside but runs like a gem when you want it to.  Think about how many cars you know of in your lifetime that could be explained this way.  The Falcon is a unique piece of equipment that takes on it’s own life throughout the Star Wars movies it appears in.  As a matter of fact, I think the Falcon becomes a very unique character in The Empire Strikes Back.  Honestly, without the Millenium Falcon, Chewie and Han become dull and boring characters and much of the backstory humor that happens in these three films gets lost.

So, to all of us that own “Millenium Falcons” out there, my hats off to you.  Those pieces of equipment are unique and with a time of Thanksgiving, we should be thankful that we have a car that runs or a ship that actually flies.

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