Happy Thanksgiving

Okay, so today’s blog does not announce which character we will discuss today, and neither will this intro.  Instead, I will let you read on to find out what character I am reviewing today.  Okay, so I’ll be honest, tommorrow there may not be a blog from this website.  Not because I don’t want to, but because I will be out there with over two million Americans shopping on “Black Friday”.  Oh yeah, and since I live so close to the boarder with Pennsylvannia, why would I shop in New York with eight and a half percent tax, when I can travel one hour south and only pay four percent tax.  God, I love this country!  Okay, onto the discussion about my next character from A New Hope……

Okay, I chose a holiday to review this character because this character deserves a holiday unto himself.  Of course, I’m talking about Darth Vader!  When I first saw Darth Vader (and could remember what I saw) I remember that I was so scared of him I would have peed my pants if I weren’t wearing diapers at the time.  He really is the ultimate bad-guy.  And now that the prequel has come out, my viewpoint on this character has since changed.  So, I’ve decided to tell you what I thought of Darth Vader after my first viewing of A New Hope and then I thought I would give you my viewpoint now that it has changed with the release of the prequel.

I really thought that Darth Vader was the ultimate, hard-core bad-guy.  We first see him at the very beginning of the movie when he first boards the Rebel Cruiser looking for “the plans” .  Of course, we don’t know what the plans are till later, but we do see Vader’s disdain for human life.  He threatens and kills a Rebel officer and even threatens one of his own officers as well.  He then finds Pricness Leia and threatens her life immediately as well.  I remember the most powerful fearful characteristic of Darth Vader was the ominous, constant breathing that you hear everytime he is on the screen.  Of course there are other features that make him fearful.  Like the fact that you never see his face and he is always dressed in black.  For me, the other fear is the constant reference to The Force, this “religion” (as one of the Senators put it) that we know very little about by this point in the story.  Going on, Vader tortures Leia with a really cool looking droid and Leia gives him a planet that is supposedly the location of the Rebel base.  Of course Vader doesn’t trust her and decides to blow up her home planet of Alderaan.  Another Dark moment for the good guys and another victory for Vader.  After they blow up the planet, they manage to catch the Millenium Falcon and search the ship for the stolen plans, which are no where to be found.  Finally, Vader searches the Death Star for a distrubance in the Force which he has detected, but can’t tell where it has come from.  He finally finds the “disturbance” and finds that it is Obi-Wan being aboard the Death Star and fights Obi-Wan on the spot.  He defeats Obi-Wan (and little to his knowledge started the chain reaction that will lead to his own demise).

Finally, the Rebels decide to attack the Death Star and Vader and Tarkin don’t believe that the Rebels will be successful and yet they come close to hitting the “Thermal Exhause Port”.  So, Vader goes out in his own ship and starts hunting down Rebel pilots one by one on his own.  He gets to destroy a whole bunch of Rebel ships until Luke is the only one left, but Han comes to save the day and Vader’s life is spared because he gets pushed away from the Death Star before it blows up.  I think by that point, every Star Wars fan knew there would be a sequel, or Darth Vader would have died on the Death Star.

So, how has my viewpoint on Vader changed?  Well, simply put, I used to hate Vader and view him as a really bad guy and I just wanted to see him die (I even was very happy at the end of Return of the Jedi when I finally saw him die).  Now, I don’t feel the same.  Now I feel sorry for Vader.  I see him as Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi Knight that was so powerful that no one understood his point of view or his point of life and his power.  Because of that, I feel sorry for Darth Vader and see him as a Jedi Knight that was manipulated by the Dark Side and never really had a chance to become what he thought he could really achieve.  Moreover, Darth Vader became what he did out of love.  He simply did not want to see Padme die.  I can understand that because I don’t know what I would do with my life if my wifer were to ever die.  That is how my viewpoint of Darth Vader has changed.  Even after all of this, I still give Darth Vader a……

Darth Vader:  ********** (10)



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