Okay, tonight’s blog will be pretty short.  Chewbacca has a minor but important role in A New Hope.  Just wanted to let you all know that I’m down to recording two segments yet for the next podcast.  I also had Nathan Butler email me today and make a valid point.  Although it would be a great idea to read the Star Wars book series on a podcast for everyone to hear, it is most likely HIGHLY ILLEGAL and I really don’t feel like going to jail over my obsession of Star Wars.  Thanks for the heads-up Nathan!  Anyway, onto the real reason why everyone is here, a discussion about Chewie…..

Chewbacca:  ******** (8)

Okay, I just honestly have to say that other than the “Star Wars Christmas Special”, I have never seen anything with a Wookie in it that I didn’t like!  Wookies are just cool and I was so glad to see Chewbacca in this movie.  Chewbacca was so unique and I like the fact that we never really know what Chewie is saying througout this movie and many others.  Besides, without Chewie, that “Seven foot walking carpet” joke would have been wasted!  Anyway, I like Chewbacca’s role right from the start.  We see him first talking to Obi-Wan at the Cantina and I remember thinking to myself the first time I saw the movie (that I can remember), wow that suit has got to be awfully hot.  Anyway, we see Chewie set up the discussion between Han and Obi-Wan.  Then Chewie gets the Falcon ready for take off.  Then Chewie helps Han and the others stow away in the cargo hold of the Falcon once the tractor beam locks onto them in the Death Star.  Then Chewie becomes the bait for them to get into the detention block.  I love the fact that Chewie “smells something’ before they go diving into the trash compactor.

Overall, Chewie is a great sidekick for Han Solo.  I love the invention of Wookies and I think this is one of Lucas’ greatest visions in the Star War universe.  I was dissapointed in the lack of talk and visuals about the world of Kashyyk in any of the Star Wars movies.  But hey, that’s a blog for a different time!  Anyway, I like Chewie and his role in A New Hope, so I gave him a …..

Chewbacca:  ******** (8)


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