Han Solo/December 1st

Okay, tonight’s blog is a discussion about Han Solo’s role in A New Hope.  You may find it interesting about what I have to say about Han and Greedo’s scene and the differences between the original edition and the special edition DVD’s.

I made the official announcement on my podcast update, but I wanted to make sure that everyone who reads my blog knows that on December 1st at 12:00 a.m., Volume 1, Episode 2 of “The Jedi Council Speaks” will premiere.  So, if you stay up late at night, you’ll be one of the first to hear the latest episode.  I will be honest, I believe that this episode will be over an hour and a half long, and at the rate I’m going, It may push two hours in total time, so be prepared to sit and listen, but it will definetly be a good time.  I think all will enjoy the show.

Lastly, I wanted you all to know that we will be reading the Star Wars books in chronological order both on this blog for review and in our podcast at podomatic.  So, when I finnish going through all the Star Wars movies, I will be starting with the first book in chronological order in the Star Wars genre which is titled “Cloak of Deception” by James Luceno.  So, if you don’t have this book around, take a minute and go to your local Barnes and Nobles and get a copy.

I have been thinking about providing all the podomatic fans with a unique opportunity.  I have been thinking about reading the book on air doing one chapter at a time, so that I read one chapter a day and finnish the book within a month.  Let me know what all of you think about having Star Wars books read on the air.  It would be like having a book on tape or CD.  Just a thought.

So, on to why you’re here today, time to talk about Han Solo.

Han Solo:  ********* (9)

Han Solo was the ultimate male figure for every young boy in the late 1970’s.  He’s a smuggler that does what he sees best for himself and doesn’t care what others think about him.  His partner is a giant “walking carpet” that stands seven feet tall and is quite the domineering wookie figure.  I loved Han Solo as a kid and remember that the boys in my neighborhood all argued about who got to play the character on the street.  Even now after almost thirty years, I find myself making Han Solo type references in my house everday.  For example, my kids call my car “The Millenium Falcon”.  We laugh about the fact that my car is like the Falcon in the way that the Falcon and my car have a questionable engine that performs well at times and crappy at other times and looks like crap on the outside.  That is a great explanation of my car to a tea.  I have a Chevy Acclaim that is white and has a peeling paint job!  Anyway, I still kind of look up to Han Solo and his cavalier way of running his life.

The scene I respected the most was the scene that George Lucas tried to mess around with for the Special Editions.  I like the Special Editions of the films, so I want to start by say that, because the rest of what I have to say is not positive.  George, I’m really pissed at you about changing the Cantina scene in A New Hope.  So, for those of you who don’t know, let me explain the difference.  In the original version of the movie, Han and Greedo are talking about the price on Han’s head and Han pulls his blast out under the table and shoots Greedo before he even gets a chance to leave and tell Jabba that Han is in the Cantina.  However, in George’s dumbass, political correctiveness way, he tries to appease the Christian right in our country by changing the scene to make it look like a “good guy” in a Star Wars movie wouldn’t just murder someone!  George, you’re an ass for doing this!  I was a loyal Star Wars fan and a lover of the Special Editions except for this change.  In the Special Edition, Greedo shoots first and Han shoots back to make it look like it was self-defense.  This completely ruins the “male ego” driven character that I fell in love with in the original Star Wars films.  I make a plea here and now, that Lucasfilm Ltd. change that scene back at some point in time to give Han Solo his integrity back!  If they leave it the way it is, I may never buy another version of A New Hope ever again!

Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now and continue my discussion about Han’s role in the movie.  He manages to provide a passage to Alderaan, saves everyone’s life by stowing them in secret storage compartments.  Then he helps to free the Princess and helps to create a distraction so that everyone can escape the Death Star.  We then see Han’s smuggler side come through again when he decides not to fly an X-Wing at the Death Star.  But, like a good cowboy, he comes to save the day at the very end of the movie.  I have always seen Han solo as a good mix between Roy Rodgers and Buck Rodgers.  I saw him as a “space cowboy” that did what was best for his own best interest.  Then again, isn’t that how every red-blooded American feels?  We constantly look out for our own best interest first, but like Han Solo, our conscience gets the best of us and we help out before things go too wrong.  All I need to say to solidify my point is “New Orleans” and “Hurricane Katrina”.  Maybe it hits too close to home for some, but it just shows that ultimately most Americans are like Han Solo and try to put blinders on to the world unless it directly affects them, until our consciene catches up with us and then we band together to help each other out.

Anyway, I want to say that I thought Harrison Ford did a great job with his role in this movie and I’m glad this janitor had the ability to read scripts for Lucas and have the ability to work on this movie and claim the role of Han Solo.  By the way, for those of you who don’t know, this movie was NOT really Harrison Ford’s first movie.  His first movie was American Grafitti that was also directed by George Lucas.   It just so happens that American Graffiti was released first even though it was filmed second.  See, that movie had NO special effects and was quicker and easier to get off the editor’s desk.  So, Harrison great job in the movie, and demand that George change your Cantina scene back and reclaim Han Solo’s manhood.  So, with all of this information, I give Han Solo a:

Han Solo:  ********* (9)


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