Okay, tonights blog is about C3-PO’s role in A New Hope and how does C3-PO add to, or even take away from the movie.  I want to take a minute to thank Scott and Dominica for promoting our blog and podcast on http://www.sheepguardingllama.com and their affiliated podcast.  Scott and Dominica:  I just listened to SGL # 20 and I heard your comments about providing “The Jedi Council Speaks” wearables.  I’ll make you a deal, if you make me a “Sheep Guarding Llama” wearable for Christmas, then I’ll make you a “Jedi Council Speaks” wearable for Christmas.   Email me to let me know what you think.  Anyway, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!  For whatever reason, “The Jedi Council Speaks” has fallen off of the top 100 list at podomatic.com.  So, if you have not checked out the show yet, go to:  http://www.treborgahkor.podomatic.com and listen to the first episode and listen to the preview for the next episode.  Also, we are now officially on podcast alley.com.  So, get over to http://www.podcastalley.com and search for “The Jedi Council Speaks” and vote for the podcast.  So, onto the REAL reason you’re all here, time to talk Star Wars…..

C3-PO:  **  (2)

Okay, C3-PO has an interesting role in A New Hope.   If I were to speculate, I believe that George Lucas wanted to make C3-PO the comic relief for this movie.  In reality, if that was the point, then Lucas completely missed the point!  C3-PO seems to be simply annoying and very terciary (think that’s how you spell it) to the story line.

At the beginning of the movie, C3-PO seems to just whine and complain about EVERYTHING!  He complains about the laser bolts flying by his head (rightfully so!), then he complains about spaceflight in the escape pod, then he complains about the desert, then he complains about the farm, then he complains again about spaceflight aboard the Millenium Falcon, then he complains about Stormtroopers aboard the Death Star, and, well, you get the idea now!  I just can’t believe that Lucas said to himself, “gee, I don’t have anyone complaining in this movie, maybe I should add a character that does nothing but bitch and moan and complain”.  I just can’t believe that this really happened.  I also can’t believe that Anthony Daniels and any of the cast thought that C3-PO’s role in this movie was to do anything but complain and have an absolutely irrelevant role in the movie other than keeping the ireony alive that Anakin created him, and he helps to destroy the Death Star in how own unique way.  Honestly, as a child, I HATED C3-PO in this movie and as an adult I’m annoyed by him even more in this movie than I was as a child.  Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe I’m overreacting to how I feel because of how I viewed him as a child.

Did C3-PO really add anything to this movie?  PLEASE, someone comment to this particular blog and let me know if you disagree and prove me wrong.  I want to think that Lucas didn’t waste his time writing C3-PO in on the first film, simply to make his role a little better later on.  As much as I hate Watto in The Phantom Menace, I hate C3-PO in A New Hope, so I gave C3-PO a…..

C3-PO:  **  (2)


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