Okay, I want to start by saying that I can’t believe that it’s been two weeks since I last blogged!  I REALLY apologize for not having my act together and blogging more often.  Alright, first I have a big announcement for everyone.  I’ve found that since I don’t blog everyday, I have a tendency to simply ignore my blog altogether.  So, with that in mind, I’ve decided that I’m going to go back to blogging everyday.  So, good news, you will get a chance to hear from me everday on the blog.  I do want to update you on “The Jedi Council Speaks”.  I have just a few segments to record yet and some editing to do and it will be done.  I have the utmost confidence that Volume I, Episode 2 will be ready by December 1st.  Tonight’s blog is going to deal with R2D2’s role in A New Hope.

R2D2:  ********* (9)

R2D2 is the character that got me involved in Star Wars as a kid.  I really didn’t understand any of the other characters too well because they were to much like an adult and seemed to tower over everyone else.  R2D2 was the most like a kid.  He always seemed like the comedy relief in the movies to me.  I was surprised to learn later in life that Lucas said that the storyline was supposed to be from R2D2’s and C3PO’s point of view.  So, let’s look at R2 in reference to A New Hope.

In the beginning of the movie, R2 is running for his life during the battle and is trying to find his way off the Correllian Star Cruiser.  Little to our knowledge, R2 carries a technical readout to the Death Star and he needs to get away and make sure those plans end up in the right hands of a member of the Rebel Alliance.  So, R2 and C3PO head to Tattoine through an escape pod.  Of course luck is on their side and the Imperial’s don’t blow up the escape pod.  They get to the planet and C3PO ends up being his usual stubborn self (the podcast for tommorrow).  So, R2 decides to go off on his own.  He gets captured by the Jawas.  After which, the Jawas end up picking up C3PO and they are reunited.  Why this had to happen at this point in the story, I’m not quite sure.  Anyway, they get sold to Uncle Owen, Luke’s Uncle when R2 decides he needs to find “Obi-Wan Kenobi”.  He leaves to find Obi-Wan on his own and of course gets Luke in trouble.  They finally find R2 and are attacked by sandpeople in the process and are conveniently saved by Obi-Wan.  They find a bunch of slaughtered Jawas and find out that the stormtroopers are looking for R2 and C3PO.  Luke finds his uncle and aunt have been killed.  They decide to take R2 to Princess Leia and try to save her.

So, they go to Mos Eisley to try to get a ride to Alderaan.  They meet Han and Cheewie and take off to Alderaan.  Of course they see the “that’s no moon, it’s a spacestation…” and are aboard the Death Star.  R2 becomes critical in this part of the movie.  He finds out where the tractor beam is and how to disable it.  R2 becomes the critical communicator with the group.  R2 and C3PO almost get caught in the process.  They later save Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewie from being crushed by the Death Star trash compactor.  They finally escape the Death Star and hook up with the rebellion on the Rebel moon of Yavin. Here, R2 becomes critical again.  He is hooked into a maching that can analyze the plans for the Death Star to find a weakness in the station to take it down.  They find the weakness and decide to attack the Death Star with X-Wing fighters.  R2 comes along for the ride again and is Luke’s co-pilot.  Long story short, R2 helps to maintain Luke’s fighter throughout the battle but gets shot up and “lost” towards the end of the battle and helps Luke maneuver the trench and destroy the Death Star.

Okay, so there is the whole story.  So, now comes the critiques from me.  I have never understood why R2D2 just isn’t as cool in this movie as he was in the prequels.  Again, Lucas claims that all “nine” films were written at the same time.  If this is the case, then R2 goes from being a really cool robot with all of these gadgets (the ability to fly, and destroy Super Battle Droids) to a really shitty “tin can” that can only hook into central computers and have no ablities except to roll around on the ground.  All the more reason that I don’t think Lucas wrote all the scripts together.  So, what about the little guy himself?  Well, simply put, I love him!  I loved him as a child and can’t help but love what he does as an adult.  He’s cute in his own “tin can” sort of way and always seems to be an integral part of the story.  What I think is that R2 is the “kid” in all of us that tries to look at life in a simplistic way and tries not to trivialize problems and simply tries to solve them.  So, with that in mind I give R2D2 a:

R2D2:  ********* (9)


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