For some reason, the characters that seem the most fun in George Lucas’ movies seem to take the brunt of the criticism.  For some reason, the C-3PO character in Attack of the Clones seemed to take a lot of poking fun at and seemed to be the character that everyone wanted to make fun of and make a point to critique.  One thing to remember when watching Star Wars is the fact that the stories (according to George Lucas) are supposedly being told from the point of view of C3PO and R2D2.  For many fans, simply knowing this information really seems to change how they view the movies and even the timeline and story lines.

C3-PO:  **** (4)

C3-PO seems to be a very interesting character in this movie.  In the last movie, we see Anakin leaving C3-PO behind being incomplete and uncovered.  As a matter of fact that it becomes a matter of a joke between R2-D2 and C3-PO.  With some irony, R2-D2 becomes somewhat of a focal point at the beginning of this movie, as droids go, and by the end of this movie he seems to diminish in capacity with regards to C3-PO.  We literally don’t see C3-PO until the mid-point in the movie.

It’s not until Anakin decides to visit his old homeworld of Tattoine and finds out that Shmi had been sold to another man that he actually ends up finding C3-PO.  We finally see C3-PO covered and fully operational.  There seems to be no connection between Anakin anc C3-PO which shocks me because I would expect Anakin to be excited about seeing one of his creations completed.  But, obviously the future Darth Vader doesn’t seem to care about his robots or anyone elses for that matter.  Going on in the movie.  C3-PO seems to become nothing more than a servant droid from this point on in the movie.  The only upside of C3-PO’s performance is the small amount of comedy interjected by Lucas by putting his head on the body of a war robot and vice-versa where there was some comedy interjected into the movie.  I do think the comedy was a little forced, but I do think that Lucas did a good job of balancing the comedy with the action.  Although, I think he gets better at doing this with each movie that he directs.  Too bad there won’t be any more Star Wars movies, because he may have perfected by the next movie.

I really was just not impressed with this character in this movie.  And if Lucas really thinks these movies are told from their point of view, then we’re missing half the story half of the time in this movie.  Shouldn’t we have seen the events that Watto talks about at Mos Eisley from C3-PO’s point of view?  Maybe I’m just as critical of this character as others.  With this in mind, I give C3-PO a:

C3-PO:  **** (4)

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