Kit Fisto

Okay, it’s time to talk about a not so well known Jedi.  I have a definite opinion about him and have many questions as I did with Yoda.

Kit Fisto (for those of you who have not completely memorized all of the Star Wars characters) is one of the more interesting looking Jedi knights.  In Attack of the Clones, Kit Fisto is the Jedi that is an alien that is green.  He has “locks of hair” that are kind of like hair but are really made of skin (or that’s what we’re supposed to think – it’s pretty obvious it’s rubber from a mask the actor is wearing).  Kit Fisto is the Jedi that “force pushes” C-3PO when he is attached to a Trade Federation droid body.  Later on we see him in several aspects fighting and doing a great job at being a Jedi.

Honestly, Kit Fisto plays an even more important role in Episode III when he goes to arrest Chancellor Palpatine, but that’s a blog for a later time.  I do have a million and one questions about Kit Fisto.  First off, he’s supposed to be a really important Jedi.  So, if he’s so important, then why dont’ we ever see him on the council?  Why don’t we see him in the chambers?  Is it possible that he’s not actually an acting member of the council?  Better yet, I have some more personal questions about Fisto.  Like, what species is he?  Where did he come from?  What about his backstory?

If any of you authors are reading this blog, Jedi’s like Kit Fisto would make cool backstories.  I think that Kit Fisto’s background story would be great to tell and would interest many of the Star Wars fans.  I know that if they were to ever write a series of books about him, I would be all over them.  I’ll be honest, Kit Fisto is my favorite Jedi Knight, just because we don’t know the answers to these questions.  Although Mace Windu kicks butt and is awesome, I just like Kit Fisto better because he looks cooler.  I am currently looking for a Kit Fisto mask to add to my collection of Star Wars collectibles that I can wear for halloween.  If anyone knows of or can find one, let me know so that I may try to get it.  I give Kit Fisto:

Kit Fisto:  ********* (9)


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