Overview of “The Phantom Menace” (Continued)

I realize this blog is coming to you a little early this evening, but I plan on going to a poker game with my friends here in Binghamton later tonight.  Okay, today’s blog may seem kind of cheesy, but I’m going to do a summary of the characters from The Phantom Menace.  A note for all of you Star Wars fans out there.  I have recently been listening to “Chrono Radio” about the different versions out there of this movie.  For your info, I have not seen the DVD of this movie and I hear there are many changes on the DVD from the VHS version which is the one that I’m using for these reviews.  So, I realize the DVD version is different and until I either get that version as a gift or just go out and buy it, I will stick to the current review of events.

Also, if you want to catch all of my comments on The Phantom Menace, then just click on the “category” tab on the right.

Okay, so here’s the list in order of their appearance on my blog:

Qui Gon Jinn

“Realistically speaking, it’s Qui Gon that let the Jedi Council down, not Obi-Wan.”

“He even says in his dying breath to take care of Anakin because he is “the chosen one”.”

“However, even with these short-comings, Qui Gon is one of the essential “bad-ass” Jedi Knights.”

“Kudos to Liam Neeson for playing the character so well that I wanted him to live.”

Qui Gon Jinn:  ********** (10)


Young Obi-Wan Kenobi

“I was concerned that I would be let down by a young Obi-Wan Kenobi, but I was delighted in the way the character was played.”

“I was impressed with Ewan McGreggor and how he portrayed Obi-Wan in each of the movies, but I believe that his role in The Phantom Menace was the best!”

“I do believe that his ability to kill Darth Maul puts him towards the top of the Jedi order.”

Young Obi-Wan:  ********* (9)


Jar Jar Binks

“Jar Jar Binks seemed to turn everybody’s ears and heads and even caused political upheaval for George Lucas.”

“The Gungans are not so bad, they are just a unique culture that we may just not completely understand.”

Jar Jar Binks:  ****** (6)


Queen Amidala

“I do really believe that Natalie Portman had some independence in creating the Amidala character and I think that came acrossed on the screen in all three movies.”

“She ends up being a strong female role that I believe my daughters were looking for and my wife had been looking for since the beginning of the Star Wars movies.”

“I don’t know if there were ever a stronger female character in any film EVER!”

“I do think that Queen Amidala is one of the stronger roles in The Phantom Menace and she helped to propel the story to a new level.”

Queen Amidala:  ******** (8)


Ani (Young Anakin)

“I was happy to see that George decided to make Anakin a regular child in many ways like you and me.”

“I really liked the “Nascar like” race we get to see in this movie.”

“Kudos to Jake Lloyd for playing the role of Anakin so well!”

Young Anakin Skywalker:  ******** (8)



“Lucas has been quoted saying that “all of the Star Wars films are supposed to be from the point of view of R2-D2 and C3-PO.”

“C3-PO who eventually helps get the Death Star Plans to The Rebels so they can destroy the Death Star is actually created by the man who created the Death Star itself, Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker).”

“I believe that Anthony Daniels is a great actor and it is a shame that he has never seen any real credit, like an Academy Award, for being stuck behind that costume in all of these films.”

Partial C3-PO:  ********* (9)



“Watto is one of the most original CGI created characters for the movie.”

“With all of this said, I think Watto is a really wimpy character.”

“I mean, think about this realistically folks!  Yeah, Anakin is a slave and we don’t know how he and Shmi end up in that situation and we have no idea where or how Watto gets them (probably in a game of chance) but how could Anakin just listen to a fat flying idiot like Watto!  This is the same guy that later on chokes his generals left and right and kills them at the drop of a hat.”

Watto:  ** (2)


The Hutts

“One of the most powerful “families” in the Jedi universe is the Hutt family.”

“I really enjoy the fact that in this movie we actually get to see a Hutt moving around instead of being a big “blob” of fat like Jabba becomes later on.”

The Hutts:  ***** (5)


Darth Maul

“I would like to start by saying that Darth Maul is the best bad ass (sorry for the “French”) that George Lucas has ever created.”

“I remember seeing Maul’s face on the screen for the first time and I thought, “wow, this guy is going to kick everyone’s butt!”  Sure enough, we get to see some great scenes from Darth Maul.”

“I loved it when Maul walks in the entrance of the hanger and drops his cloak and lights up his lightsaber and then the other side (which will forever live in imphamy for having a two-sided lightsaber), and Obi-Wan says, “go on, we’ll handle this”.  GREAT SCENE!!  I loved how George Lucas set up this fight!”

“I wish there was more of a backstory on Maul.”

Darth Maul:  ********** (10)



“I do feel he was an important character to The Phantom Menace.  However, I don’t feel his character really played a huge role in the overall scheme of the Star Wars universe.”

“I think Sebulba’s last lin is the best one of all of them in the move:  “pudu!””

“Honestly, as a bad guy, Sebulba sucks!”

Sebulba:  **** (4)



“My impression of Senator Palpatine is that he is a man that is desperately “bi-polar”.”

“Okay, so let’s say that he isn’t bi-polar, then he is definetly Jekyl and Hyde!”

“I have to say of all of the Star Wars movies that Ian McDiarmid has participated in, this one was the worst.”

Palpatine/Sidious:  ****** (6)


The List

Qui Gonn:  ********** (10)

Young Obi-Wan:  ********* (9)

Jar Jar Binks:  ****** (6)

Queen Amidala:  ******** (8)

Anakin:  ******** (8)

C-3PO:  ********* (9)

Watto:  ** (2)

The Hutts:  ***** (5)

Sebulba:  **** (4)

Palpatine:  ****** (6)




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