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I want to begin today’s blog by saying thank you to all of the people that have posted recently.  I have been informed by that I must be growing in popularity because my bandwidth has been going up week by week.  This is all due in part to your great “word of mouth campaign” that has made this blog so popular.  I understand that I am probably a nat on the Internet of Star Wars information, but your feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope all of you continue to check back often.  Pass the word!  If you have a friend with a webpage, have them put a link on to my blog.  Keep talking because it is discussion that will keep my blog running.

On another note, just to let you know, I saw Revenge of The Sith AGAIN today.  Hey, my wife hasn’t seen it, and we were at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse, NY and couldn’t resist.  We figure it’s our last big trip before the big move into the house.  Read on for my comments on the character Sebulba.

Sebulba:  **** (4)

Honestly, I wasn’t going to write about Sebulba, but I decided to anyway.  I do feel he was an important character to The Phantom Menace.  However, I don’t feel his character really played a huge role in the overall scheme of the Star Wars universe.

Sebulba is viewed for the first time when Jar Jar (imagine this) accidentally whips a “fish” or something like that at Sebulba when he finds out it cost seven wipuipi to buy.  Sebulba does the one that that all Star Wars fans wanted to do, and chokes Jar Jar and threatens his life.  Much to the dismay of all of these fans, he lets Jar Jar live when Anakin stops him.  We find out that Sebulba is a “Dug, a very dangerous Dug”.  This beckoned the question in my mind, what the heck is a Dug?  Why is that significant?  We never really find out in the movie and I don’t think it’s ever mentioned in a book either.  Anyway, we find out that Sebulba is the podracer to beat.  My father related him to Jeff Gordon in Nascar.  He’s the car driver that everyone loves to hate.

Anyway, before the podrace, Sebulba pulls off a piece out of Anakin’s podracer that later slows down Anakins podracer.  Again, the question has to be asked, “if Anakin is the ‘chosen one’ then why didn’t he sense something was wrong with the pod from the beginning?”  We will never know what Lucas was thinking when it comes to these aspects.  Maybe he just didn’t think these details out and maybe he did and cut them out of the film.  Anyway, we eventually find out Sebulba looses the race becasue Anakin eventually beats him.  I think Sebulba’s last lin is the best one of all of them in the move:  “pudu!”

Honestly, as a bad guy, Sebulba sucks!  He could have been meaner and could have been bolder and is just weak all around.  I just wasn’t impressed with this character and felt he could have come acrossed on the screen as a stronger character.  George, I hope that you really think through your CGI characters in the future!

I will be finnishing with my character analysis in the next few days for The Phantom Menace.   At the end of all the analysis I plan on posting one blog that will sum them all up for the first movie.  Then I will move on to Attack of the Clones.  Once I am done with all of the movies, I hope to do the books in chronological order (Josh, I may need your help with that one – I hope you’re paying attention!).

Sebulba:  **** (4)