Darth Maul

Okay, I want to begin apologizing (again) to my fans out there for not getting to a posting last night.  I warned all of you that I may not be posting everday for the next month, but I hope to so still check back every day.  Last night was completely crazy!  My wife and I found a rug for our new house and a grill for the house but had to figure out how to get both of them home using a Ford Escort LX wagon and three children.  Needless to say it involved some truck straps and bungie cords.  Okay, enough about me and on to the Star Wars stuff (which is what you’re here for!)

Today’s topic is about one of the best bad guys of all time, Darth Maul.  Read on to find out my viewpoints on Darth Maul.

Darth Maul:  ********** (10)

I would like to start by saying that Darth Maul is the best bad ass (sorry for the “French”) that George Lucas has ever created.  I think what makes Darth Maul so great is the fact that he is so mystical.  We never have really learned where or when this bad dude came from.  We hear nothing about him until all of a sudden Palpatine talks about his new apprentice.  I remember seeing Maul’s face on the screen for the first time and I thought, “wow, this guy is going to kick everyone’s butt!”  Sure enough, we get to see some great scenes from Darth Maul.

The first great scene from him is when he sends the droids into Tattoine to look for the Jedi.  I love this concept!  That would be me if I were a Sith.  I wouldn’t want to do all the work, let some of the droids do the work for me while I wander around on a really cool speeder bike.  Then we see him attack Anakin and Qui-Gon on their way back to the ship and I believe that Maul deliberately holds back on this scene.  I think he wanted them to get away so that Palpatine could set up the rest of the story the way he wanted to.

And, of course there is the best scene with Maul EVER!  I loved it when Maul walks in the entrance of the hanger and drops his cloak and lights up his lightsaber and then the other side (which will forever live in imphamy for having a two-sided lightsaber), and Obi-Wan says, “go on, we’ll handle this”.  GREAT SCENE!!  I loved how George Lucas set up this fight!  Then the fight began and I was completely blown away.  Anyone who has watched the previous Star Wars lightsaber fights expected to see one in this movie.  What they didn’t expect was the jumping, running, and the speed of the fight.  I could not believe just how quick the fighting was taking place.  That’s what made this fight absolutely AWESOME!  Maybe it’s because I’m an action “junkie” or maybe it’s just because I really like lightsaber fight scenes.  My other favorite part of The Phantom Menace of the lightsaber fight scenes was when the forceshields went up between Darth Maul and Qui-Gon.  Qui-Gon went into a kneeling stance and started to meditate to prepare himself for the coming battle.  Maul, wandered in circles being very impatient about the forcefields coming up and he wanted to end the fight right there.  I believe this is a great example of using the passion with The Force to create an evil character.  And, let’s face it, he kills Qui-Gon, a Jedi that I believe is pretty powerful which puts him at the top of my bad guy list.  It’s a shame that Obi-Wan kills him in this film, but I believe he had to die pretty soon to make way for Anakin.

I wish there was more of a backstory on Maul.  Where was he from?  How did he become a Sith apprentice?  How did he meet Palpatine?  What role did he play in the demise of other Jedi characters?  How long was he around?  I would love to see some authors take this storyline and run with it.  There is one book on Darth Maul, and I’ve read it.  I’ll cover that later when I start going through the books one by one, but it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good.  So, George, if you’re listening, give the Star Wars fans a backstory to follow on Maul.  That could be the future of the Star Wars franchise!

Darth Maul:  ********** (10)


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