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Watto AND The Future of Jedi

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Todays blog is going to have a two-fold purpose.  The first purpose is to discuss The character Watto and his role in The Phantom Menace.  I also want to take this opportunity to announce a new advancement that I plan on starting on The Jedi Council.  After I have an opportunity to move into my house in late July I plan on revamping the blog a little and adding a link to a new important project I am working on for my blogs in August.  Read the whole post to find out more….

Watto:  ** (2)

So let’s talk Tattoine in The Phantom Menace, and you can’t talk about Tattoine without talking about the character Watto.  I really appreciate the design of the character and I really think Lucas had fun developing a character like this for the movie.  Watto is one of the most original CGI created characters for the movie.  Is the character more “human like” as Jar-Jar?  I definetly disagree.  I like the fact that Watto is a flying old fat guy even though you really have no idea exactly where this race of creatures comes from.  I also like the fact that Tydarian’s can’t be affected by Jedi Mindtricks.  I always thought (ever since the A New Hope) that Jedi could pretty much just walk around the universe and get whatever they want.  I wish Lucas had introduced more characters like the ysalamari that Zahn has in his books that push the Force away.  But again, a blog for another time.  I also really appreciate the fact that Lucas developed a language for Watto all by himself.

With all of this said, I think Watto is a really wimpy character.  I just don’t get the point behind the relationship between Watto and Anakin.  I mean, think about this realistically folks!  Yeah, Anakin is a slave and we don’t know how he and Shmi end up in that situation and we have no idea where or how Watto gets them (probably in a game of chance) but how could Anakin just listen to a fat flying idiot like Watto!  This is the same guy that later on chokes his generals left and right and kills them at the drop of a hat.  Of course I realize that Anakin has to turn to the dark side in order to do such killing, but don’t you think that the “chosen one” would have a little more control of his destiny?  Don’t you think Anakin could’ve freed himself if he really wanted to?  This really makes no sense to me.  Put that aside and Watto STILL seems like an idiot!  How could he not realize the Qui-Gon was going to get the chance cubes to do exactly as he wants.  He’s a Jedi!  Hello, why would you make a bet that could free one of your best slaves based on chance cubes when you know full well that the Jedi can make them do whatever he wants!  This is just not smart.  Not only does Watto loose one of his parts but he also looses Anakin.  I was really dissappointed in this character and thought that Lucas should have played him as being a stronger character.  Heck, I would have bought it if Watto had decided to work with Darth Maul and set up Qui-Gon just for revenge.  That would have made him a much more important and powerful character in The Phantom Menace.

Okay, so on to my BIG news.  I have recently become interested not only in blogging online and using the blogging concept to send out my message to all of you Star Wars fans out there, but I have been listening to some great Internet Radio and Audio Dramas that I found at (I’d like to give a shout out to my fellow Star Wars fans there!).  So, I am officially announcing the beginning of “The Council Speaks” an audio commentary on the Star Wars Universe.  I am working on a format currently and plan on making my first online Star Wars Podcast sometime in August.  I am not sure how you will get to the podcast and more information will be coming later on.  I do want to say thank you for all of you support over the past month and look forward to all of you hearing my voice online soon.


Watto:  ** (2)